Monday, June 6, 2011
(all giveaways are chosen at or if I am using rafflecopter through their random drawing)

Para-RT13 $25 Gift Card
  • Shadow K

Para-RT13: Laura Kaye
  • Lily B 

Para-RT13: Elisabeth Staab
  • Carol L.  

Para-RT13: Kristen Callihan
  • Sandy L
  • Sophia R
  • Jessica S
Para-RT13: Kimberly Derting
  • Megan 

Para-RT13: Nicole Peeler
  • Jenese L

Para-RT13: Rachel Caine
  • Lexxie 

Para-RT13: Rachel Vincent

  • Tina M

Para-RT13: Tara Hudson
  • Maribel

Para-RT13: Gerry Bartlett
  • Lily B. 

Eternally Devoted by Stacey Kennedy
  • Goldilox 

Crave the Darkness by Amanda Bonilla
  • Sophia R 

Any Darkest London Book by Kristen Callihan
  • Amber L. 

Corporate Temptress by Stacey Kennedy
  • Sandy L. 

Vampires for Valentines Giveaway Hop
  • Chris B

 Mercenary Abduction by Eve Langlais
  • Sandy L.  

Mystically Bound by Stacey Kennedy
  • Sophia R.

Vampire Erotica Swag
  • Vera M

Vampire VS Werewolves Giveaway Hop

  •  Loupe D
  • Heather B.  

  • Sandy L. 

Blogiversary Day 1: Eve Langlais
US- Denise Z
INT- Rae M.
Blogiversary Day 2: Amanda Carlson
Karina V
Blogiversary Day 3: Swag Giveaway
Sharon S.
Blogiversary Day 4: Heather Hildenbrand
Alexandra M.
Blogiversary Day 5: Dani Harper
Maria S.
Blogiversary Day 6: Rosanna Leo
Cathy V.
Blogiversary Day 7: Stacey Kennedy
Wanda L.
Blogiversary Day 8: More Swag
Tabitha W.
Blogiversary Day 9: 2012 Favorites
Blogiversary Day 10: $20 Gift Card

 Creature Feature: Jeri Smith-Ready
Book: Texas Book Lover
Swag: Cristina and Penni

  • Lily B

  • Darlenes Book Nook

  • Shannon R.

  • Suzan L.

  • Emily H. 
  • Nadine

  • 1st Place: Cristina
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th &5th: JustPeachy36, ~Jennifer~, Cassandra, Tore, Ginny

  • Natalie C.

  • Victoria Z.

  • Jasmyn N

  • Xia T

  • Tammy M.

  • Mandee W.

  • Cimmaron

  • Christina
  • Natalie

  • Clare
  • Kazzy

  • Heather Jay

  • Maria S.

  • Denise Z.

  • Shadow

  • Denise Z

  • Dani H.
  • Jessica at a Great Read

  • Paige C

  • Tammy R.

  • Autumn P.

  • Miss Vain
Book of Choice from Heather
  • Denise Z.

  • Victoria Z.

  • Sophia Rose

  • Becky N

  • Julie S

  • Sophia Rose

Bunny and the Bear/Swan and the Bear
  • Cat R.
Heart of an Incubus
  • Cathy

Darkfever (November Giveaway Hop)

  • Denise Z

September Monthly Giveaway

  • Denise Z

Dream Whisper

The Geek Job

Signed Adrian Phoenix Book

18 and Older Hop

A Warrior's Witch

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