Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mated (A Paranormal Romance in the Blood Lust trilogy, 3)Mated (Blood Lust #3)

Review by Amber I
From Goodreads

 Because of the vampiric blood in her veins, Jane has been a target for vampires who resent a human being “kindred.” She’s forced to disguise herself as a vampire groupie to appease them and safeguard her life. When she’s abruptly given to Cole, the leader of the werewolf pack, to satisfy a gambling debt, she discovers the blood running through her veins has a far greater impact on her destiny than she ever imagined.
My Thoughts
Another great book. I was actually thinking this would be Paul and Janes story and was a little sad to see Paul turn out to be such an ass. Who would have thought? But well Cole is so much better anyways so it was like good bye Paul, Hello Cole!!

I really have a thing for alphas! They just are so strong, protective and well yummy!! And Cole is exactly that!! We get to see a whole new side of Jane. Learn what she can do why she needed to be by the vamps and see her past. It really surprised me to see how broken she was. She seemed so strong before.

I liked seeing their relationship grow. Cole was sweet and patient and Jane was able to recover before jumping in. Oh and yes I got my sex (last book I didn't :( )

Great set of books!! I can not wait to read the one with Cain! I loved seeing him in all these books. I actually read Save My Soul first then came back to read these 3. Anyways Great Books!!


  1. I think i need to pick this series up! Thanks for the review and find!

  2. The first 3 are short and are now all in 1 book. They are good reads.


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