Delicate Freakn' Flower Review and Giveaway

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Delicate Freakn' Flower

Expected publication: July 2011 
Review by Amber I and Amber R

 From Goodreads
Dammit , just how many toes was she going to have to stomp on before people realized she was a delicate freakin’ flower?

Naomi doesn’t want to follow tradition and settle down with a violence-loving, chest thumping shapeshifter. She grew up in a household with five, testosterone laden brothers where none of the dishes ever matched, the ugly-as-sin furniture could withstand any catastrophe, and where crazy glue was bought by the case.

When fate—with a snicker—makes her meet not one, but two mates, Naomi digs her heels in and refuses to do what her wolf—and her body—demands. No way is she voluntarily allowing herself to get hitched to a pair of dumbass—totally hot and muscled—lacrosse players.

Can Ethan, the towering Kodiak bear, and Javier, the sexy, tanned jaguar convince this she-wolf that life with them won’t be all chaos? And can this delicate freakn’ flower unbend her prejudices enough to recognize she needs a pair of men who can handle her thorns—and her passion?

Warning: this is a hot threesome story where all the focus is on her with pleasurable consequences.

Amber I's Thoughts

Holy hotness!! You may want to read this with a fan on you or have your husband close As with every book I have read from Eve you get a spunky girl, hot men, fun, adventure and some great ol' sex!!

I really enjoyed this book and not only for the sexy scenes. You get 2 shape-shifters both destined for one feisty wolf. Most wolves would love to find their soulmate but not her. She tries to fight it and the men try to prove that she needs them. We get a lot of built up sexual tension. But the men not giving up make it worth it in the end. Instead of going at it like bunnies when they wanted to they built a great relationship together and fell in love.

I would love to read more with these characters. I found her family so interesting. I loved how her brothers and dad where these big bad wolves until the Mom comes in and lets them know who is boss. Her mom was funny too when she would try to talk about her sex life to her daughter. That made me laugh.

Great book. The story was awesome, the sex was awesome and I had a lot of fun reading it. I recommend it to anyone who wants to read a sexy paranormal romance!! Heavy on the romance!!

Amber R's Thoughts 

Oh mylanta! This was a sexy, sexy book. I love that she tried to fight these two hot shifters. Even though she was so determined that they were not going to be her mates. I think it's so funny that she thought she wanted some bland guy to marry. It was so obvious that it wasn't going to work out for her and that these two sexy men were going to win her over. She was fighting these hot guy so much, if it was me I would have ran right to them with open arms. Haha. 

I really loved the surrounding characters in those book as well. Her family was amazing and you could see the strength and overwhelming love that they all had for each other. However, I can totally see why she would want to live in a chaos free world, her brothers would have drove me crazy. Of course, I loved her mom's control over everyone and how as soon as she came in everyone started behaving. 

This was a really hot, great read. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a sexy romance. This book was great!

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  2. Now I want this book!!! It sounds great!!!

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  4. Sounds great. I can't wait to read another book by Eve.

  5. This seems to be a good one..

  6. The heroes are shape shifting lacrosse players?!? Now that is different. Your great reviews really sell this book to me.

  7. I would love to win this book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. This book sounds great!

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  10. Just when I think Eve can't get any better, she does. Eve is a (must buy) for me and I can't wait to read this book.

  11. I just recently found out about this book and it certainly sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for the review and the lovely giveaway opportunity.


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