Monday, June 13, 2011

Claimed (A Paranormal Romance in the Blood Lust trilogy, 2)Claimed (Blood Lust #2)

Review by Amber I
From Goodreads

 For a vampire, Anthony isn’t a picky eater, but he’s drawn to Charlee’s blood more than any other. Like a fine wine saved for a special occasion, he’s denied himself this pleasure. But one night, high from the potent magical blood of another, he claims his prize and loses control. Ashamed of almost killing the one woman who means anything to him, he wipes her memory of the event. When Charlee awakens with complete amnesia, Anthony is the only one who can clean up the mess he’s made.
 My Thoughts
I really enjoyed this book. After seeing Anthony and Charlee in Kept I am really glad they got their own book together.

I loved the way the book starts off with Anthony moments after the first book going to Charlee with drugs in his system. It starts off with lots of action and continues through the whole book.

I was sad we didn't get to see that sassy Charlee like we did in Kept. We had some of it but for most of the book we only get bits and pieces since she can not remember who she is. I also was a bit sad not to get a full them "getting it on" Sorry but I was. We get the attraction and the maybe they will but no sex at all..

Still it was a great book. I loved the relationship and meeting some new characters. Can't wait to read the next one with Jane!!


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