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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This week our AwesomeSauce Book of the Week is The Faeriewalker Series by Jenna Black!

GlimmerglassShadowspell (Faeriewalker)Sirensong: A Faeriewalker Novel

I know that this isn't just one book. It's the whole series so far but I couldn't help myself. Of course the lovely Amber I. introduced me to these books. I fell in love after the first 20 pages of Glimmerglass. I couldn't put it down. I am so lucky that I had all 3 books at once because I would have been like a rabid dog to read the next one if I didn't have it. 

Dana is the main character and she is half faerie. She's lived with her mom the majority of her life and she's had to be the adult. Her mom is an alcoholic. So she skips out on her mom and goes to Avalon where her father who is a faerie lives. Did I mention that Dana hasn't met her father? Oh yea, and he doesn't even know he has a daughter.

Avalon is the only city in the world that is a mash up of humans and faeries. It also connects with the faerie world. Some faeries live there and some humans live there. 

Dana is a rare breed being a half faerie and half human. It even turns out that she has a super rare ability being a faeriewalker. It also gives her a lot of enemies. Seriously, it's a ridiculous amount of enemies for a 16 year old girl who up until a week into the first book didn't even know she had any special abilities. There are a lot of powerful people after her. Because it turns out, that she's a very powerful player in the faerie world. 

I would recommend this series to everyone. They are amazing books and an excellent read. 

You can check out Jenna Black, the amazing author of these books, here

You can purchase the books here

Sorry this is a little late!


  1. I've seen the first book at my local book store but didn't bother to pick it up. I may have to change that tho

  2. These books are really really good. I would totally recommend them. I have them all reviewed if you want to see something about each of them.

  3. I just read all 3 of them this past week and they are so good. You should really check them out!


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