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Friday, May 20, 2011

Tamara Rose Blodgett is visiting us today to tell us a little more about her and her debut book 
you will get lots of fun info about the book the next book some excerpts and more!! 
Read til the END for a Surprise!

Tamara Rose Blodgett is a 'thinking-out-of-the box' paranormal enthusiast who believes there's a 95% chance zombies do not exist; but loves to write as if they do... I'm from the Seattle area originally and have worked as an online journalist in the past. I enjoyed writing, Death Whispers, and am already hard at work on the sequel while also wrapping up my paranormal romance, The Pearl Savage, due to publish in mid-June. In my spare time I'm a [reluctant] serial-re-modeler, project-slave and big time, in-my-pants reader (surprise!). I do a great deal of day-dreaming about impossible scenarios and events, writing books to capture them in stories for you~ Side note: Gnomes should be exterminated.

                                                            About Death Whispers
In my debut novel, Death Whispers, I've created a world much like the one we currently live in but fifteen years in the future. With the human genome mapped by famous geneticist, Kyle Hart, teens are routinely inoculated on the eve of entering high school with a government-sanctioned pharmaceutical cocktail which unlocks paranormal markers. These markers manifest in some, but not allteens...opening up a can-o'-worms that throw the adults into a tailspin...

Caleb Hart develops Cadaver-Manipulation, thee most rare of the paranormal markers. Caleb is a character that I really understood while writing because he just wants to “blend-in,” but gets zeromore, and that was exciting! opportunity. Instead, he becomes a reluctant leader in his group, taking the reigns with uneasy grace and mustering the courage to make the best choice in morally gray ground. I loved watching the wheels turn inside his head as he decided if someone should die...or live. In the end, Caleb evolved into someone who was deliberate with what he'd been given...becoming

Jade LeClerc is an enigmatic and sexy girl that captures Caleb's eye and in the middle of all the stress of his growing skills he struggles coming to terms with her being more important than anything. Jade is a wonderful mix of fragility and strength. She's had a past that has taught her caution because of its violence and she looks at Caleb as a boy she may not deserve to have...but desperately wants.; connecting with a boy she sees as true and good....and she should know, as her paranormal skill has been equal parts curse and gift.

John, Jonsey and the rest of the gang of friends lend a hand along the bumpy road that winds through the book as police, brawls, house raids and a smattering of similar things rain down on the kids' heads. John was a “reasonable” teen who is an only child raised by parents that are most grandparents age. He tries to be pragmatic, reasonable; thinking and planning. Poor John is constantly foiled by Jonsey, who is one of those rare individuals who was born without a filter. Nothing is secret in this time because Pulse Technology has made communication viral: with a touch of a thumb on credit-card-sized “pulses,” people can communicate their thoughts to one another. Everything is pulsed and someone is always listening...

Book two, “Death Speaks,” publishing August 2011~.

I'm working on the sequel, Death Speaks, and plan to have that published in late summer 2011. Like its predecessor, the story is [already] in my head and I'm just writing down what I see and hear. I know the characters, intimately, and understand their thought processes and how they manage life's messes. This book will be a little different as Caleb is maturing, so his perspective, and that of his peer group continues to evolve, they take on more responsibility and because of their unique abilities, much is expected. There will surprises and a mystery to solve...

The Pearl Savage,” publishing in June 2011~

I'm currently 90% done with my YA paranormal, science fiction romance, The Pearl Savage. This book is as different from DW as two books can be! TPS is about Princess Clara who finds herself drowning in a role she cannot adequately embrace because of a dysfunctional family dynamic of physical abuse and manipulation. This post-apocalyptic novel showcases what I THINK an 1890s Victorian culture would have evolved to be, one hundred and forty years later, in an encapsulated existence with bio-spheres run my steam technology (this novel has a steampunk vibe).

Writing style~

One thing that I cannot escape is action. My novels all involve crisis that must be addressed by the character(s). There can be closure, but it must be obtained through sacrifice and hard work, with joyous moments and revelations stuck in between these events to be savored like a favorite dessert. My character, (usually the protagonist), has to struggle to be what they see themselves becoming, against every obstacle; their triumph is ours. I'm writing what I know and hopefully, that realness resonates with my readers. I will not have an "anticipatory" agenda: I write each day for a few hours, and when the work is finished, I will publish it. One of the things I love about being an "Indie," is that liberty to get my books in my reader's hands as quickly as possible. Thank you for sharing your time to read my stories.

Excerpts from Death Whispers:

Page 167:

            The corpses started to get agitated. One in particular, shambled forward, keeping his eye on Jade's dad (who had begun to inch closer).
            The corpses closed in on him, a tidewater of death to shore.
            Oh geez. This is the one I had raised before...Clyde. Fluke of flukes. In the whole graveyard I couldn't raise a new corpse. I bet raising zombies more than once wasn't a good thing.
            “I have risen again,”Clyde said, his voice full of the dirt-sound I was getting used to,”for what purpose, necromancer...for what purpose.”
            The other ones, in various stages of rot, stared at me.
            “I'm sorry,”I rushed out,”this guy is going to put a serious pounding on us and I need help.”
            The corpses turned their attention to Jade's dad.
            “A bunch of dead people ain't gonna matter to me boy! I'm getting' my girl back and there ain't shit-from-shine-o-la you can do about it!” He lunged forward to grab Jade, and I felt intent form in my mind, I didn't have one moment to say anything, but the corpses knew, they knew what needed doing.
            We were of one mind, the zombies and I.
            The twice-raised zombie (my guy-in-charge, I thought wildly),swung it's arm in the path of Jade's dad, clothes-lining him.
            His progress effectively halted, he turned, wading into the batch of corpses, throwing a punch into Clyde, and all he got for his trouble was some black ooze from the impact with the corpse's face(I could see his teeth right through his cheek).
            Clyde-the-Corpse took the beating, placing a hand on either side of Jade's Dad's head, boxing his ears. Jade's dad howled and kneed Clyde right in the gut, they were that close. Clyde obligingly rolled down the small knoll, just out of sight.
            Holy shit.
            Jade's dad hissed a sound of fierce triumph, and turned to grab his prize, Jade leaning backward in avoidance. The other four corpses took their cue, moving forward as a single unit, laying their collective hands on him.
             An awkward dance began, Jade's dad swinging corpses,  them getting up again, restraining him. Meanwhile, Clyde shambled up the hill, steady and slow, working toward Jade's dad.
            It was almost funny, Jade's dad on the bare earth, looking like he was drowning in a sea of dead people...his arms flailing about, trying to grab solid ground and hoist himself to his feet, while a determined zombie would then weigh him back down.
            I let him battle the zombies and when the J's walked up and John said apprehensively looking at the spectacle of dead bodies,”Shouldn't we, like...get outta here? And, while we're at it, can you get them, you know, back?” Pointing to the ground under our feet.
            I spared a glance at the spectacle of struggling. I could hear grunting and some colorful swear words.
            “Are they going to hurt him?” Jade asked.
            I shook my head,”Nah, not unless I tell them.”
            “Hey dude, you sure on that, cuz they seem kinda...enthusiastic,” Jonesy said, tilting his head in the direction of the ruckus.
            The zombies had taken things to heart and one was banging Mr. Scary's head on the grass.
            “Hey! Quit that! No head-banging,”I said.
            The zombie slowed the head-banging with a dissatisfied grunt that sounded a little muffled, no tongue, I thought.
            Carson and Brett were wearing identical expressions of fascinated surprise. It was like a train wreck, you know you don't want to be on the train, but you wanna see what happens. Morons.
            Priorities, priorities...

Page 195:


...Jonesy made a face. Uh-oh. Jade put her hands back on her hips and marched over to Jonesy. Almost nose-to-nose (but she was still shorter), “You got a problem with Sophie?” Her face was fierce.
“No, no problem,” Jonesy sputtered, caving.
“You looked like you had one.”
“It's just, we used to be an all-guy thing, and now...well, we may be getting too many hens in the chicken coop.”
“Oh...please! You bunch of roosters need all the help you can get. Be grateful!”
And with that parting shot she pivoted on her heel and went off in search of Sophie.
We stood silently looking after Jade.
“You handled that well, Jones-ster.”
“Maybe next time just let the girls come.”
“This mundane thing blows goats. And the girls are taking over the world,” Jonesy stated.
“Not yet.” I said, winking.
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