Silent Howl

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Silent HowlSilent Howl (The Blue Bloods #2)

ebook, 102 pages
Published February 7th 2011 by Liquid Silver Books 
Review by Amber I

From Goodreads

When murder threatens innocent lives, will one woman unleash the wolf within her or hide behind the human that cowers in fear.

Rynn Murphy is a werewolf and she is in a state of bliss―her junkie parents are in recovery for their drug addiction. Her Grandfather, Pops, suffering from Alzheimer’s has settled into a nursing home in Utah. And she has just witnessed the bonding ceremony of her friends, Nexi and Kyden from the Otherworld. With her mate, Briggs by her side, life can’t get any better…

But this happiness is about to end as Rynn is brought to Philadelphia. As a Blue Blood Werewolf, she has been given a special gift to possess a strong scent. And after horrific murders take place in the Pennsylvania territory, Rynn must use this ability to seek the killer out…

This task does not come easily, Rynn is struggling. The human in her flees from danger. The wolf in her is desperate to end his murderous rampage. Rynn must reconcile these two halves while these murders begin to cross State lines. Soon, danger will be all around them, and Rynn will have to decide what is more important―the human who remains in her or the wolves she has sworn to protect.

My Thoughts
I loved this book. Its one of my favorite werewolf books. 
Briggs is super awesome. Even though we see his need to dominate he really encourages Rynn to speak her mind and to take charge. They have such a wonderfully beautiful relationship. You can just feel their love throughout the entire book. Its so sweet!
The epilogue in this book actually made me cry. It was heart breaking. I had a hard time reading that.
I love how we get to go on these detective like adventures. Figuring who did it, and why. Rynn really has grown so much since we first met her. Shes so much stronger. Rynn is one of those characters that when you meet you instantly want to protect her and now we are seeing she really doesn't need it anymore. She can always bring a smile to my face, with her love of food!! 
Great book!! 

Any one that loves paranormal romances and werewolves will LOVE it! Stacey Kennedy is a Genius!!!  


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