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Monday, May 2, 2011
Michelle Muto author of Book of Lost Souls is here today talking about why she loves YA Fiction!!

The Book of Lost Souls

Friends often ask why I read young adult fiction. “Because,” I tell them, “I enjoy it.” They usually shrug and suggest I read adult fiction – which also read. It’s just that young adult fiction has a special place in my heart of hearts. I don't know about write what you know so much as I think authors should write what they love, which explains why I write young adult books.
What I like about young adult fiction is the innocence, how the characters are seeing the world without preconceived perceptions learned through many a few decades of experience. AKA, baggage. Sometimes, the adult characters just have a bit too much of it. There are times I don’t want to read about someone who’s life share my same problems or for a character who’s having a day that closely resembled mine.
Okay, since I read urban fantasy, horror, and anything paranormal, their day isn’t exactly like mine. But, it’s close enough: often, the character has bills to pay, a house to clean, or laundry to do.
I think I read so much young adult fiction because, just for a little while, I want to escape my adult life. I want to pretend I don’t have a deadline…or a garbage disposal on the fritz. I want to train dragons and go to school for witchcraft and wizardry. I want to be female warrior in a medieval world or a teen who hunts vampires with her friends. Or, in the case of The Book of Lost Souls, a modern day small town teen witch who, despite her best efforts, can’t avoid a week of chaos.
I want to read about characters who still have the world and all its adventures open to them. And, teen characters tend to take more risks, which often ups the action and the stakes.
Sure, I still read and love adult fiction. I’m a die-hard Stephen King fan for starters. But when I really want to escape, when I want to recall what it was like ‘back then,’ I look for young adult fiction. I’m old enough that the pains of my teen years aren’t painful anymore. Well, most of them, anyway. At least, until I come across old photos. Yeesh! Talk about scary!

BIO: Michelle has always loved storytelling. When she was a child, her favorite stories were of monsters and things that lurked in the dark. Telling stories often frightened her classmates and got her into a lot of trouble with her teachers. They had no sense of humor.

As an adult, Michelle traded her love of writing for the corporate life where she was an IT professional. Today, she's doing what she loves best - writing and storytelling.

Michelle grew up in Chicago, but currently lives in NE Georgia with her husband and their two dogs. She loves scary books, funny movies, sports cars, chocolate, dogs, and changes of season.

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  1. Wow! I've been MIA for a few days and apparently I've already missed a lot of interesting posts here - just like this one!:) Friends ask me why I read YA too, but I never have a quick answer to explain everything that draws me to YA lit. Anyway, reading Michelle's post, I could only nod in agreement at everything she said. Also, escaping in a YA novel is easier and so much more fun - and I also can learn a lot of things alongside the characters.
    Great post!:)


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