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Tuesday, May 17, 2011
 So you may have noticed some Reviews have been done my dear friend Amber Read and she is so super awesome, she has decided to join me in the blog. I thought I would introduce you to her. I made her answer some You will also see her here on Saturday for a Reader Interview. We have some awesome ideas we will be getting together soon. Also when Amber Read reviews a book it will have a label on it saying Amber Read Review. I know we have the same name so its confusing. 

Here is a Quick intro

I'm Amber too! I'm 26 and from Ohio. Amber and I are great friends and mutual lovers of all things books. I'm her book soul mate or book bitch..whichever you prefer. lol. I've been a life long reader and have a life long dream of opening my own book store. Amber is going to join me with that. ;) I started reviewing some books for her and she invited me to be a part of her awesome blog. I'm looking forward to new ideas, expanding on the great ones she's already started, and having some fun!

What kind of books do you love reading?
I love all kinds of books. Young adult, fantasy, mysteries, paranormal, all kinds really. I'll read anything including labels off of shampoo bottles.

What do you plan on bringing to the blog?

My love and passion for reading and all things books.

What can we look forward to, from you on here?
A lot of fun, contributing to the awesome ideas Amber has already came up with, and brainstorming with her to come up with a lot of new, exciting ideas for the blog.

Do you have any new ideas you want to contribute to?

  Me and Amber are coming up with some new ideas that should be super fun! Be on the look out for them!

What are some of the rolls on the blog you want to be involved in?
I'm up for anything!

I am super excited to have her join me here! Please stop by and say Hello!!


  1. Welcome Amber! Always glad to see some new members.

    I can't wait to see what both of you have coming up!

  2. Welcome, Amber II! This blog has suddenly become more awesomesauce :D

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  3. Nice to meet you, Amber! I adore the other Amber :o] She's such a sweetie and I'm sure you'll fit right in-you already have! It should be called Amber awesomesauceness!

    Nice to meet you!

    Amber-I got Shift-I've been waiting to do a picture of it but our camera got 'misplaced' during Prom (with all the pictures)-I wanted to take a picture of it with all your cool bookmarks! One of my girlfriends is going to bring hers over so I can take a pic of it and the bookmarks. Hopefully, I'll find the camera, it has all the fun prom pics on it but so far-zero joy!

    I didn't want you to think I was being ungrateful! I so loved the book! I haven't been able to finish it-not because I don't want to but because I got caught up in some deadlines and then some other things that life threw at me but I'm on it!

    Also, look for something in your mailbox or do you want Kindle? Let me know so I can get on it!

    Big Hugs, Hon and Welcome Amber R!

  4. Hey Kristi, its going to get confusing now with 2 Ambers lol.

    And I understand, I know you are not an ungrateful person and are probably crazy busy. If you are looking at my wish list, its probably safer to stick with a book since some I have read on kindle but want to own. Again you don't have too,.

    I sent you an email like a week ago. If you didn't get it let me know. I will re send it.

    Thanks for stopping by! and for your nice words.

    Nina and Paranormal-- Thank you both for stopping by, she is really new to the blog world but hopefully once she gets more comfy in it she will start posting more. GOing to have to change some stuff up since its all about

  5. Thanks guys. It is confusing with two Amber's. But I think we'll be able to figure it all out. We're all smart girls and guys. I'm sticking with posting reviews right now. Me and Amber will be doing some fun joint stuff soon.


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