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Thursday, May 5, 2011
My blog is messed up. I can not see the blogs I am following. This happened the other day and I somehow fixed it. (I still do not know what I did because I did ALOT!lol) At that time when it did that none of my posts where showing up on others dashboards. I don't think many noticed since it was only for like a day then I fixed it.

But now its back. I have no clue if this will show up on your dashboard or not. And I can not seem to find the problem. I have seen a lot of people in the help forum with the same problem also.

Also my posts are not synchronizing to facebook or twitter. (GRRRR) I have been doing it manually. Have no clue why that stopped. It started with the other problem.

And in feedburner it says the file is too big or something. I have no clue really if I even need feedburner. This is all so confusing. And I am giving up for tonight.

SO if I am not seen posting back with everyone. This is why. If you have any advice I would love it!!

Also I am loving your comments for the Game Booth Challenge! So fun!! There will be another giveaway after midnight!! Hope it shows up..


  1. That happens to me sometimes. Try longing out for a little while. Then sign back in.

  2. I did that. Its been out for like 12 hrs. and last time it was like 2 days.

  3. Mine has been nuts. All the post I had fixed to fall in line for that event on my blog went poof gone in one day... UGH! I had to put them all back on and its still messing up.My dashboard is doing the same thing. My daughter is having problems with hers too. I think its just blogger because I have always had some kind of problems with by blog, I just roll with it anymore....

  4. Thanks, I had to erase the link in my settings for feedburner last time. Do you think that will affect anything. It can be so freaking confusing.

  5. I had that happening too and just logged out and back in and it worked again. So I don't think it's a major bug or anything, but annoying nonetheless, I admit.

  6. Hey Amber :) Just wanted to let you know that your post showed in my feed just fine. Also, I know other people who were having the same problem. One of them even switched to WP because she was fed up with Blogger. Hope it fixes itself for you soon, hon!


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