A fellow Blogger is having some blog problems

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
The Book Faery

Hey Kristi at thebookfaery.com is having some blogging troubles. Her page is saying it DOES NOT exist, yet she is able to get on her dashboard and everything there is working just fine.

 If you know of anyone else who is having or had this problem please leave a comment and I will let Kristi know. Or if you have any suggestions as to how to fix this please leave a comment. 

 But Kristi has not closed down her site or anything like that and is working on getting it fixed!!Please if you have any suggestions let us know. She is freaking out. As would I if it was me.



  1. Maybe it's just a temporary issue with Blogger? I know a bunch of blogs are missing their GFC follower widget. It appears and suddenly disappears. Perhaps the same thing is happening with her entire blog? I'm not sure... that's really weird though. I think she should contact blogger

  2. This was the only thing I could find. Don't know if it would help:


    BUT I would contact Blogger.

  3. Did she change her domain name possibly? Cause that's happened to me before and on my friend's blog.

  4. Yeah Kelsa that's what I keep reading. They change the domain name, or blogpost names

  5. I have read that it has been happening. My GFC widget was missing and I couldn't get or give comments last week. Has she checked the help form on blogger or knownissues.blogspot.com?
    kjovus at gmail dot com

  6. Im pretty sure its a temporary issue with blogger, because a minute ago it said the same about mine, but then it worked and also when i tried going to a new followers blog. Tell her to go on blogger help and report it and to not freak out. Im sure it will be fixed =D

  7. Thanks everyone I passed this all on to her. I appreciate it.


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