The Darkest Kiss

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Darkest Kiss (Riley Jensen, Guardian, Book 6)The Darkest Kiss (Riley Jenson Guardian #6)

Mass Market Paperback, 356 pages
Published April 29th 2008 by Dell Spectra

From Goodreads

Danger turns her on.
Desire turns her dangerous...

Riley Jenson hunts evildoers—and does it with a style all her own. With vamp blood coursing her through her veins, and a werewolf’s uncanny instinct for danger, Riley wears snakeskin stilettos and pure, in-your-face attitude when she plunges into her latest case: hunting down a killer whose victims are high-society strumpets—and the rich and powerful men they’ve dated.

But for Riley, the case takes a chilling turn when a second killer starts trailing mutilated bodies of his own: a crazed young vamp choosing victims from a past marked by tragedy. Riley knows she’s got the skill and cunning to catch two serial killers at once…until one of them strikes inside her own tight-knit clan—and a sexy beast of a vampire reenters her life to aid in the hunt. His name is Quinn. He’s lived forever, shed blood, and shared pleasure…and he’s the only man over whom Riley has absolutely no control.
My Thoughts
So I am a bit late with reading this series. But hey its better late then never, and I am so glad I jumped in with them.

I love this series. Its so far from what I had expected when I first found it. Riley is strong, sexy, smart, fun and can kick some ass!! Her life is always crazy. We get thrown into so many adventures, and meet some crazy different supernatural creatures. 

Between her job and her love life these books will keep you hooked!!


  1. I also love this series and I have to agree with what you said about Riley!

    Love Quinn, Kade, Riley and Rhoan!

  2. I was so happy to have Quinn back. I really missed him in the last book!

  3. Another Adult Paranorm series I need to start! Theres so many out there! :D Thanks so much for the awesome review. :D I'll be on a look out for this one. <3

  4. I don't think I've actually heard of this series, but it seems like one I need to start on immediately. Great review!


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