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Sunday, May 8, 2011
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Blood Hunter-The Betrayal

Robin Badillo 

  Jason Craft is a vampire on a mission. Destroy the last of the rogue vampires he's been enlisted to hunt and he'll be released from a century old vow made to his creator. Freedom from his obligation was so close he could taste it. He'd lost everything he held dear, but his life would soon be his own once again.
  Jazmine Fabré has spent the last fifteen years caring for her adopted younger brother, a vampire with autism, who was attacked and turned by her very own sire.
  All she wants is justice on his behalf and as fate would have it, Jazmine's sire is next on Jason's hit list.
  Thrown together on a mission to hunt him down, they find more than they bargained for on their quest… they find each other.
  As the hunt heats up, they soon discover how hard it is to take down an enemy when they don't know who it really is.
  Will hidden secrets and betrayal destroy them before they have a chance start a life? Or were their lives fated for separate paths all along?
  Hunting can be a dangerous sport when the prey has all the ammunition.  


Adult Excerpt: (the scene you are about to read, is pretty HOT, you've been Warned)
  Jason gripped her waist and pulled her to him eagerly.
  The zealous exchange they had shared before in his room was fast and hard, full of impatience and maybe even a twinge of desperation, but this felt different. This felt purposeful. Perhaps he was telling the truth after all. Maybe it was her he wanted now.  
  With the way her body ached for his touch, would it even matter? 
  Their bodies shifted across the room, as long, deep kisses fused them together. Jason's muscle-bound chest felt firm, but yielded beneath her fingers. His broad shoulders engulfed her smaller frame, making her feel a sense of security. The way his big hands tenderly skimmed over the curve of her neck and slid down around her breasts, finally resting in the small of her back, made her wonder how he could ever be capable of killing anyone.
  The slight grumble in his chest sent her body into a near frenzy, writhing beneath him as he took his time to shower her skin with kisses and personal attention. Her mind, foggy from the swirl of desire, couldn't recall exactly when their clothes hit the floor, but the sight of this man, naked and hovering over her with each rippling muscle flexed, heightened her senses instinctively. If there ever was a man who could command her body at his will, Jason Craft was quite possibly that man.
  She clenched her eyes closed tight as his mouth ventured down her body and when his cool, moist tongue encircled her nipple she giggled from the tickle.
  He moved farther down and her breathing quickened. It had been far too long since she felt like this, her body being explored and savored. The best part was that this time it wasn't a dream. Jason was making love to her and whatever misgivings she may have had moments ago flew out the window into the predawn mystery looming in the disappearing night just outside.
   “Jazmine, open your eyes,” he whispered as he stirred between her legs.
  She pried them open and gazed up at the blue-eyed prince staring down at her.
  “Look into my eyes so you'll know it's you I see.”
  Was he for real?
  Her body melted into him just as easily as her mind became lost in his scent. He hardened between her legs causing a thrilling gasp to escape her lungs. She reached down and stroked him with her fingertips and his eyes narrowed.
  Licking his lips, he kissed her again, biting her bottom lip as his mouth consumed hers. 
  She swallowed hard as he held his body above hers not moving close, though the burn between her legs wanted him to.
  “Yes?” he asked with a slight nod of his head.
  “Yes,” she replied breathlessly, digging her fingernails into his biceps.
  A cocky grin spread across his face and in that instant she knew she was in trouble. “No.”
  What? Had she heard him right? She caught her breath as he lifted himself higher above her. His arm was stretched taut as he lingered there, not moving away, but not continuing on.
  “What?” Confusion overwhelmed her.
  “Tell me what you want.”
  “A woman like you just doesn't give in to a man like me unless she wants something. What is it?”
  A familiar flare of anger snuck into her gut. “Who says I have to want anything?”
  He didn't reply right away, instead, with his other hand he ran his finger down the edge of her jaw. “Tell me,” he said tenderly. “Tell me what you want.”
  Jazmine's gaze darted back and forth searching his eyes. Was he playing a game? She started to get up, but he instantly shifted and gripped her wrists, holding them both above her head.
  Her breasts jutted up against his chest and a feeling of fear washed over her as she suddenly felt out of control. She never allowed herself to lose control and now wouldn't be the time to start.  
  “I have at least seventy years on you, kitten, you won't be getting away that easily.” The right side of his already cocky grin rose, making her blood boil.
  He was enjoying himself. “Tell me what you want and I'll give it to you.”
  “I don't want anything from you,” she hissed. “Now get the hell off of me.”
  He shook his head. “No, because you're lying.”
  “Get the hell off me, Jason!” she boomed, bucking beneath him.
  His mouth enclosed hers hard and his tongue plunged in so deep she shrieked from the thrill. Flipping him over, she straddled him and clenched her thighs tight around his waist. “Don't play fucking games with me, Jason Craft,” she growled.
  “I'm not playing games, kitten. I just wanted to see that woman who makes my body ache.”
  “Well, here she is. So, what are you going to do about it?”
  Leaping from the bed, he scooped her up and in a flash, pinned her against the wall. His body rammed into hers, nearly crushing her. She couldn't touch the floor as he held her off the   ground, his chest fused to her ribcage as ardent kisses assaulted her neck and jaw. His big hands gripped her thighs and he burrowed himself between her legs.
  All Jazmine could do was suck in as much air as her lungs would allow when he entered her with a fury so intense it could have easily been misconstrued as rage, instead of the passion she knew fueled it.  
  “What do you want?” he demanded gruffly, thrusting himself deep inside of her again.
  Her mind swirled into a near stupor. “I want you,” she panted. “From the second I saw you, I had to have you.”
  Deep rumbling vibrated from his chest as he ground into her. “I know,” he growled.
  The cold wall felt wonderful against her back, as each jolt of her body shoved her into it. She scratched at his back and before she knew it, she sank her fangs into his shoulder.
  Jason roared with delight as his thick, syrupy life-force spilled into her mouth. She moaned as she swallowed as much of his powerful blood she could.
  Staggering backward, embedded deep inside of her, Jason carried her back onto the bed and sat on the edge.
  Jazmine lifted herself up just a bit, then slammed back down on top of him as the full breadth of his penis filled her. 
  “Shit,” he hissed breathlessly, clenching hungrily at her thighs. “Again!”

  *A note from author, Robin Badillo
  This is one of my favorite scenes from the story, though any scene with Jason Craft instantly captures my attention. For me, this was where Jason not only demonstrated his power over Jazmine, reminding her that where vampires in their world are concerned, age does matter, he incited her to also show her tough, stubborn side. In fact, he savored it.
  These two characters are very stubborn and instead of resenting the other for that similar trait, they recognize it and are drawn to it. This does create a few problems down the road. After all, what's a vampire romance without a little peril, violence and blood?
  Jason is a man of action, so one would expect him to take charge in the romance department. At the same time though, he's been around a century and is quite secure with his masculinity, so encouraging Jazmine to trust what he says by having her look at him as he makes love to her, just shows that this man isn't afraid to reveal his tender side, while ensuring the woman he loves, he's a man of his word.
  You just can't find them like that anymore. Unless of course, you are a regular reader of romance! ;-)

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  Blood Hunter - The Betrayal

  Available from

  Devine Destinies


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Robin Badillo 
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  1. Wow Robin,

    This is one hell of a steamy sex scene. I'm fanning myself girl. lol. I love it. I need a man like Jason. No wonder you love Jason Craft. Hugs girlfriend. I wish you many, many sells with this one.

    Teresa K.

  2. Thanks, T!!
    I think I've found my comfort zone as far as heat goes, so you'll have to find me over at eXtasy eBooks for the rest of this series. Smooches, my friend...

  3. Hot scene, Robin. Nicely done. I wish you many sales.

  4. So glad I noticed this... just this week the Blood Hunter series was moved from Devine Destinies over to its sister site, eXtasy Books. I'm quite pleased with the move and look forward to getting to know a new group of readers. The Betrayal, as well as the first installment, "The Beginning", can be found by visiting the eXtasy site...

    Happy Reading!!

  5. Thank you so much, Scott! I appreciate the well wishes and praise. You're very sweet!
    Big hugs!!

  6. Sheesh! Love it! I am intrigued and want to read this book! Thank you for this great opportunity!
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  7. Robin! You got yourself a new fan! Jason <3


  8. Janae and Naj, thank you both for stopping by. You made my Mother's day!
    Good luck on the free copy contest and remember, Jason has history, so even if you win "The Betrayal", you may want to snag a copy of "The Beginning"... it will make the final installment, "The Return", that releases in July, so much better.
    Enjoy your day!

  9. Im in! It has my attention!

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    Thanks, Mflick1 (I'll just call you flick, LOL!)
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  14. LOL! Glad you liked it, Kelsa! Thanks for checking it out! Good Luck!

  15. This looks so good. Thanks for the giveaway. I look forward to reading this.

  16. Thanks, Jen! Good luck with the contest! I hope you enjoy the entire trilogy!

  17. ooh...sounds good =) Thanks for sharing a new author with us. Count me in please.

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  19. The book sounds good and that excerpt was hot.

  20. Thank you all for stopping by!! Meeting new potential readers is very exciting. Please look for me on Facebook or twitter and friend me. I love hearing what readers think and getting to know new people! Best of luck with the drawing! It's coming soon!!/Robin_Badillo

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