The Amber Feature- Featuring Dorian

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Amber Feature will be a random post with both Amber's from AwesomeSauce 
picking a random subject and going on a rant about it.

Today's The Amber Feature will be based on 
Dorian from Richelle Mead's Dark Swan Series.

Iron Crowned (Dark Swan, Book 3)Storm Born (Dark Swan, Book 1)Thorn Queen (Dark Swan, Book 2)


Amber I-- I love Dorian and Eugenie made me so mad!! I mean Kiyo was not a very generous lover and I was mad when she tried to say he was. I remember in the first 2 books he left her hanging so much! And Dorian was so over the top generous!! 

Amber R-- Hahaha, not a "generous lover" that cracks me up. Kiyo was a jerk. I'm sorry but he was. He was always harping on Eugenie, "Don't do any're going to cause mayhem everywhere..blah blah blah" Like, couldn't he have a little trust in her? 

Amber I-- Yeah he did try to hold her back or act scared when she used magic.uum hello he shifts into a fox and he made a baby with a Fairy Queen. And didn't her odd magic save his life so he could actually be there when his daughter was born. And he wouldn't hurt the man who raped Eugenie!! But you know who did our Man Dorian took a sword to the mofo!!hahaha

Amber R-- Heck yeah!!! Dorian slayed the rapist and saved the day. Not to mention he helped Eugenie see that not all fairies are bad and that there is nothing wrong with her being herself. He helped her see that she could accept herself for what she is. Besides the fact that Dorian is hella sexy. Man, some of those sex scenes between Dorian and Eugenie had me sweating bullets.

Amber I-- heckles yeah! Their first scene when he tied her up or even their last scene when she was well lets say on her But thinking about that scene makes me sad. To know what could have happened if he would of stuck to his "spilling it inside her" routine then he might be a dad. He deserves that so much. I think Eugenie over thinks his motives. He may not always tell her exactly why he doing it but I do think he has her best intentions at heart. 

Amber R-- I know! That was pretty hot when she was on her knees as you put it. But he could have been the dad instead of Kiyo. Now Kiyo is trying to kill her because of her evil fetuses and where did Eugenie run first chance? To Dorian! Who of course is going to help her and make sure that Kiyo doesn't do anything. But seriously, it's out of control all because Eugenie flipped out without even trying to listen or ask Dorian any questions at all.

Amber I-- She really never gave him a chance to tell her his side. And she never even broke it off with him before jumping into bed or "creek" with Kiyo. What a dirty skank!!lol. Dorian deserves more. I just love him! 

Amber R-- I know! That's what I'm saying. She never even tried to ask him or listen to what Dorian had to say. And we both know that Dorian only ever has had the best intentions. So he wants her to have a little power? What's wrong with that?

Amber I-- Remember in the first book how excited he would get over the smallest stuff in the human world. Or how he stepped up to help her with her magic. He even pretended she was his girlfriend (when she was still screwing Kiyo) so she wouldn't be bothered. And he followed her into the war and risked all is people because of what was done to her.

Amber R-- Exactly! He risked a lot for her. She just always was paranoid that Dorian was about to do something crazy when he was just trying to help her out. 

Amber I-- Want to do a pros and cons Dorian Vs Kiyo?

Amber R-- Of course. Dorian pros, Kiyo cons. Lol. We might be a little biased. Dorian: Looking out for Eugenie in the fairy world.

Amber I- Kiyo- Finishing before Eugenie can reach her peek.

Amber R- hahahaha. Dorian- Making sure Eugenie gets "hers".

Amber I- Kiyo- Not wanting her to do magic

Amber R- Dorian- Helping her improve and control her magic, so when she gets ticked off she doesn't kill everyone.

Amber I-- Kiyo- trying to kill Eugenie and their unborn children

Amber R-- Dorian- of course protecting Eugenie and her unborn children (even though she was a jerk to him).

Amber I- I think we summed it up Dorain= AwesomeSauce Kiyo= Dog turds!hahaha and Eugenie better straighten up!

Amber R- Kiyo is complete dog turds. Eugenie better get her stuff together in this last book and realize who the flip is AwesomeSauce and who isn't.

This Concludes the Amber Feature, featuring the Ambers at AwesomeSauce with their random rant about Dorian!! And I think we can all come away from this with the knowledge that 
Dorian is way better the Kiyo!

Thanks to anyone who read this! Add your thoughts in the comments and we can keep the conversation going!!

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  1. These books sound like I should be reading them next. ;)

  2. Okey-dokey! Don't you know there are those of us out here who when told don't read past this point cannot leave the page without doing so. Thank you so much for sharing - new (to me) books just keep coming and going onto the wishlist - soon I will have the wishlist folks hollering at me about how greedy I am - cannot help it - I love books!


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