I'm back! And need help finding a book

Sunday, April 17, 2011
I just got back from Vacation. I went with my friend to Universal in Florida and was able to see HOGWARTS!! I had all my posts already planned so most of you probably did not even realize I was gone. But that doesn't mean I wasn't reading. My friend has a kindle and I read on that. I read.

The Witches Of Santa Anna (Books 1-7) (DISCOUNTED)The Witches Of Santa Anna (Books 1-7) (DISCOUNTED)

Anyways these are really short stories and I read all 7, but for some reason KINDLE only has the 7 while the Nook has 9, does anyone know why?? It drove me crazy not to get the full story. Like i said these were really short stories I read all 7 on vacation and 3 of those was on our flight there which only took me an hour or so.

Anyways just wanted to say that I am back. I am a little behind in some emails and some blog tours so I will be busy catching up.

4/20 Easter Blog Hop Giveaway (Jeri-Smith Ready books and a signed book plate)
4/20 Reader Behind the Author (Catherine Fisher author of Incarceron)
4/21 HP Mallory Blog Tour
4/23 Blogger Interview
4/24 Kiki Howell Guest Post

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  1. Welcome Back! Woah only took you an hour? They must be 100 pages or something. :D Awesome.


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