The Devil's Kiss

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Devil's Kiss - The Magical Sword Book ThreeThe Devil's Kiss (The Magical Sword #3)

From Goodreads

A nasty bite starts a whirlwind of doom―one soul turns toward the darkness while one heart battles to deny destiny.

Nexi Jones can never catch a break. With only just returning from a much needed vacation—a deadly Werewolf attack takes place in Plymouth, Minnesota. In pursuit for answers, Nexi finds herself face-to-face with someone she desperately wanted to avoid, Magnus, the Lord of the Underworld. He hasn’t forgotten her and will stop at nothing to use her magical abilities for his personal gain.

Soon, Nexi will be in a battle far worse than conjuring Magic against those of the Underworld. The fiercest battle rages within her as her soul combats against her heart to decide Nexi’s fate. Will all that matters—will everyone she loves—be lost forever?

Amber I's Thoughts

I think this is my favorite book in the series. There was just so much going on in this book, action, romance, heart ache all wrapped up in one amazing story!!

I was worried with the new discoveries in this book that it would tear Kyden and Nexi apart but I was so so happy with how Kyden handled it. He stayed be her side, he helped her and did not give up. He really was amazing!!! He has to be my of my most favorite characters in a book. 

If you haven't read this series yet then I think you really should! These books offer so much!   

Amber R's Thoughts

Is it just me? Am the only one who always fall for the bad guy? I wanted Nexi to get with Magnus so bad I could taste it. Stacey really threw us a curve this time, did she not? Nexi's powers are getting out of her control. Luckily she has the help of Zia and everyone to try to direct her. But man is it hard for all of them. Kyden and Nexi's relationship is truly tested in this book. Things still sizzle between them but it's a hard thing to read when their relationship gets tested like that. Nexi has some really outrageous things to over come in this newest book. She's been tested so much already but I think this is the biggest test she's ever faced. And it's a real mind blower. You'll want to read this. I really love all of the characters in this book including Magnus. I almost am in love with him. Yes, he's bad..but he does have his reasons. You know the only character out of these books that I kind of want to smack is Haven. Don't get me wrong I love her but she can get super annoying. Quit crying and start trying to help your soul sister out of this mess. She cries throughout the entire book. Nexi is in a mess in this one. Luckily she figures it out in the end. Everyone should read this book. This whole series is awesome so far!

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  1. Awwh thats sweet! This is my first time reading about this book. :D I shall check out the first 2 books! Great Review!


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