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Friday, March 4, 2011
So you may have noticed I have been doing blogger interviews. When I first asked I had lots and lots of bloggers sign up to do this.. And thank you all so much. I have already noticed a difference from my first interview to my last one.

The News is that starting from after  my last scheduled interviewer which is March 19th, I am going to feature this only once a week. I am thinking every Saturday. So if you sign up after that (which there is no one who has submitted answers yet) then you might have to wait a little longer. I just don't want to over play it.

Anyone Can Enter, Bloggers, Readers and or Authors. Everyone will be asked to Submit 10 questions.. Here is a sample of some of the questions

1. What do you love most about blogging?
2. What is the best book you have read this year? (if you can't pick one then we can go with 3)
3. Who is your favorite book couple?
4. If you had to choose a book world to live in what one would you pick?
5. If you had to describe your blog in a tweet (140 characters or less) what would you say?
6. What are 3 of your favorite book covers?
7. What was the first book you fell in love with?
8. If a person who didn't like to read asked you to pick a book to get them hooked on reading what book would you pick? (if you want to pick 3 different type of people and a book for each specific type thats fine)
9. If you could trade places with anyone in a book who would you choose?
10. If you could meet an author alive or dead who would you meet and what would be your first question?
11. You just won an amazon  Gift Card for 1 book and it had to be used within the next 5 min. what book would you buy?
12. What book are you most looking forward to this year?
13. What are you currently Reading?
14. If you could save 1 person from dying in a book who would you pick?
15. You are allowed to jump into a book and change an event what book would you pick and what event would you change?
16. Have you been interviewed before, if yes how did this compare? If not what did you think of the questions?
17. Lots of books have vampires in them and a lot of them do different things to them. Like some turn you into a vampire with a bite others share blood, some can go into sunlight others can not. What do you think of a Vampire how would you describe them?
18. How did you come up with your blog name?
19. What supernatural power would you want? (like invisible, mind reading, telling the future, strength, or anything.)
20.If you had to choose a paranormal being to be what would you be? (like a vamp, were, fae, witch, demon etc anything like that)
21. Your bookshelf is on fire and you can only save what you can carry what books would that be?
22.If you were trapped on a deserted island what 5 books would you take with you?
23. You have 2 minutes to grab books off the shelf at a bookstore which section are you running to first?
24. In Harry Potter there are 3 Hallows which one would you want and why?
25. Top 3 Kick Ass Girls From a Book?
26. Love triangle that drove you crazy?
27. One couple you wanted together but did not end up together?
It'll be first come first serve, That means once your answers are in you are assigned a date. Email me for questions or just copy and paste this with your 10.


Please include your blog name, link, and button or picture. If you want specific pictures to go with answers include those or I will just choose random.

Please feel free to include anything you want about you or your blog and or book or site. Just write it up as you want it to appear.

Thanks Everyone!!

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Coming Soon 

Lazy Girl Reads 3/7
** Paranormlly Romanced ** 3/10
Unputdownable Books 3/13
Truly Bookish 3/16
The Amateur Voice of a Could Be Writer 3/19



  1. Hey Amber! Thanks for commenting on ARGH's interview. He's thinking of making you head of his campaign for the presidency :D AND in connection with your post, he was really thrilled with possibly doing an interview with you in the future :D

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  2. I totally did not send you my button with mine. Crap!

    *goes to do that now*

    Love all the questions you have now. It's going to make for some entertaining answers for sure. :)


  3. Kelsa,no worries I already got it. I will send you a copy soon. If you want to change some questions go ahead. its fine.

    Nina, I would love that! Lol Argh seems so FUN!

  4. Nice post, great format and idea. Thanks for sharing!


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