My March RAK

Monday, March 28, 2011

In Case you don't know about RAK its a new feature that Vanessa and Isalys from Book Soulmates - a way to share book love. To find more about it click here 

Here is my amazing MARCH RAK!

Monica from Bibliophilic Book Blog 
Look at These Amazing Books
Matched by Ally Condie
Sign of 7 Trilogy by Nora Roberts

And then from Kristin @ My Bookish Ways  Paranormalcy 

I was so excited! I love this book!!! THANKS!! I have been wanting this on my shelf for a while!! Its such an awesome book.

Then Gotham Gal sent me this 3 awesome books! I love this series! I read them all but I don't own them. I am so happy to get them for my collection!!

 No Humans Involved (Women of the Otherworld, Book 7)Frostbitten (Women of the Otherworld)Men of the Otherworld: A Collection of Otherworld Tales

I also sent out a few myself!!

 Stray (Shifters Book 1)

I sent this to, Kristin @ My Bookish Ways

Evermore: The ImmortalsBlue Moon (The Immortals, Book 2) 

I sent these to Theresa @ Fade Into Fantasy 

Infinite Days 

I sent this to Deea @ Deea's Journal

(That was my first time using Book Depository.)


  1. Wow, awesome RAKs coming and going :) So cool!

    I haven't tried using the Book Depository yet. Was it really easy to use?


  2. Yay! Loads of love from people all around the blogosphere! Great bookies! I'm waiting to read Stray after I finish a couple more books. :D Happy Reading!

  3. Wow. You got a butt load of stuff XD

  4. the book depository was super easy!! I loved it. I mailed that one international so of coarse I used it. Can't beat free shipping.

    I did get lots of awesome books this month!

  5. wow you had a great RAK month , Congrats, isn't this a great thing its so much fun to do too.


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