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Wednesday, March 9, 2011
So to participate every week is pretty simple. Every Wednesday **Paranormlly Romanced** will ask a question about something she  is  wondering about and all you have to do is answer and use the Mr. Linky she provides. Now if lets say your not really interested in her questions or are maybe wondering some other bookish things that you want to discuss, then your post can be about what your wondering about this week. Simple?? She wanted to ask an easy question this week to get things started.

  **Paranormlly Romanced** was wondering.....
 which book has made you want to throw it or chuck it across the room because it got such a strong emotion out of you and why? Ex. (Mad, WTF, Sad, NOOOO!)

My Answer


In the last Harry Potter when he was walking into the woods. I was like Oh my Goodness JK Rowling is really going to kill him. I even cried!! (I am such a dork I know.) 

In 2nd or 3rd of the Sookie Book when Bill pretty much raped Sookie in the back of the car. I was like oooh hell NO! And it was made not to be a big deal since he was almost dead and what not.

Then in  a later Sookie Book when we found out the only reason he started up with Sookie was because the Queen ordered him too. I was like thats it, "lets stake HIM"

I have lots of them!! Some more strong then others. And I am sure after I post this, I will be like WHY didn't I post that one instead. My mind always goes blank on the spot. lol.



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