The Goddess Test

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

  The Goddess Test (Harlequin Teen)

The Goddess Test (Goddess Test #1)

Paperback, 297 pages
Expected publication: April 19th 2011 by Harlequin Teen
Review by Amber I
From Goodreads

Every girl who has taken the test has died.

Now it's Kate's turn.

It's always been just Kate and her mom--and now her mother is dying. Her last wish? To move back to her childhood home. So Kate's going to start at a new school with no friends, no other family and the fear her mother won't live past the fall.

Then she meets Henry. Dark. Tortured. And mesmerizing. He claims to be Hades, god of the Underworld--and if she accepts his bargain, he'll keep her mother alive while Kate tries to pass seven tests.

Kate is sure he's crazy--until she sees him bring a girl back from the dead. Now saving her mother seems crazily possible. If she succeeds, she'll become Henry's future bride, and a goddess.

If she fails...
My thoughts
I am always half and half with books with greek myth, some I like and some I don't. Usually the ones I don't are the ones that go into far too much history for me and really starts to drag the book out and takes place of scenes I am dying to read.

But not this book. Yes there is some greek myth but its only talked about on a need to know basis. This book doesn't over analyze everything that is going on. Like at first I was stunned when one day shes living in her normal world then the next day she just accepts this crazyness. Yet I found it very refreshing we didn't have to go through chapters of her questioning and over analyzing just to come to the same point we got to in a page.

Kate has this amazing best friend relationship with her mom. And you really feel for her as she is losing her. It was heart breaking but it was also just so sweet to see this bond they had.

The relationship between Henry and Kate is awesome. I love how they took the time to build it up. And I really really hope they are not trying to throw a love triangle my Please No?

It was a fast paced book, and it really just jumps you in the story and doesn't stop until the ending. I loved that! It was filled from beginning to end, there wasn't any over drawn out scenes!

Great Book Can not wait for the next one!


  1. I loved this book as well, others did not because she alters the myths of Greek Mythology but I thought that it makes the story safer for younger kids.

    Samantha Jo @ <a href=">YA Enthusiast</a>

  2. I think that is why I liked it, we did not get that same boring greek mythology lesson like in most books that containe greek myth. Not tht greek myth is boring but hearing the same thing in every book is. So I was impressed with it not doing that.

  3. Sounds like a good read! I'll have to watch out for it when it gets released, put it on my book bucket list!

  4. I haven't only read Percy Jackson that contains greek myth. So far I enjoy it. I'm looking forward to reading this soon. :-D


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