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Saturday, March 19, 2011
 Today's Awesome Blogger Being Interviewed is Kelsa From The Amateur Voice of a Could Be Writer

 Get to know a little bit about Kelsa

Hello there! :D  If you can picture me, a very short hyper active thing, waving at you in a very excitable manner, you pretty much have me on an average day.   Okay, a little bit about myself.  Lets see now.  I'm nineteen.  I love reading fantasy and romance novels.  My favorite color is green :)  I love crayfish!  If there was an Olympic event for speed talking, I would be the reining champion for the past fifteen years.  I joined the Army National Guard at seventeen.  I have the most awesome bad-ass watch dog of a pup who keeps the boogy man in check in my closet.  I'm a snob when it comes to my books.  I'm ADHD and ADD self-diagnosed.  I'm afraid of the dark even though I know how to use an M16 A2 rifle and drive a HUMVEE.  I suffer from the incurable mental illness of daydreaming.  And, this is my first interview.  If you can't already tell, I'm really excited about it :D  Thanks for having me!

1. Who is your favorite book couple?

Constance Chatterley and Oliver Mellors from Lady Chatterley's lover.  The progression of their relationship as lovers was incredibly romantic, full of emotion, and a genuine struggle for them, which made their characters stand out as amazingly real to me for years.

2. What was the first book you fell in love with?

Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause is my best guess for this question.  I still remember falling in love with the plot, Vivan's strong character, and the fantasy behind the loup-garu shifting from human to wolf.  I finished in in less than a day and was so sad that it ended that I read it again that same day before returning it to my school library.  I was so upset to part with the copy that I fell so hard for.  :(

3. What are you currently Reading?

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher.  I'm loving it so far, but recent events in my life are preventing me from enjoying it at the same level compared to when I first opened it. ;_;  Next in line to read is Fallen, Nightshade, and Falling Under.

4. If you could save 1 person from dying in a book who would you pick?

Actually, I wouldn't.  I'd still let them die, (Wow I'm a cold-hearten bitch) My reasoning why is because if no one died in books then revenge would be a very unpopular theme for novelists and that would make me cry since that is one of my favorite themes to read about.

5. You are allowed to jump into a book and change an event.  What book would you pick and what event would you change?
I would do the most amazing thing I think I could for the Twilight Saga.  I would not let Breaking Dawn be published and let Eclipse be the last book, but since that's not what this question is asking I'll revise my answer to:  I would not let Bella Swan become pregnant in Breaking Dawn.  I would have much rather enjoyed leaving the turmoil of "Bella loves Jacob, but she chooses to stay with Edward, because she loves him more" drama in the series. I would then change the outcome to Bella living her life with minor regrets (such as leaving Charlie for his own good and protecting the Cullen's from war with the Sam's pack, never having children with Edward, and watching everyone around her that she loves who is human die off).  To me, the drama was the most intricate part of the series.  The love triangle madness was what made it so poplar amongst my retarded generation (exhibit a:  Teams Jacob and Edward) in the first place, so to have the issue easily fixed for Bella's benefit to get her happily ever after on everything is freaking irritating for me.  I called "bad writing" on that when I first read the book, and I still say that four years later.  I love the series, but the ending left me with a sour taste in my mouth.

6. How did you come up with your blog name?

The Amateur Voice portion is sort of a tribute to my crazy English teacher back in high school.  She always talked about expressing our own "writer's voice."  She was very inspirational to me and one of the few people I have unfaltering respect for.  The rest of my blog name is pretty much self explanatory, I think, so I will not patronize you by explaining the obvious.

7. What supernatural power would you want? (like invisible, mind reading, telling the future, strength, or anything.)

The power to manipulate the free will of others by knowing their true name.  And I admit, I would also use my powers for mischief for my own amusement, such as having someone shave off their own eyebrows and then laughing A LOT.  Hey, at least I'm honest!  :)

8. If you had to choose a paranormal being to be, what would you be? (like a vamp, were, fairy, witch, demon etc anything like that)

Wolf shape shifter, hands down.  Their powerful, intimidating, loyal, and most importantly they are my favorite animal. <3

9.  If you were trapped on a deserted island what 5 books would you take with you?

Blood and Chocolate, Twilight, The White Darkness, Lady Chatterley's Lover, and Unmasqued an Erotic Tale of the Phantom of The Opera.

10. You have 2 minutes to grab books off the shelf at a bookstore which section are you running to first?

The manga section because the term "judging a book by its cover" most definitely applies when only two minutes are available.

Thank You so much Kelsa and hey I love your honest answer to number 7, because hey that sounds like FUN! haha Your answers were awesome!! Thank you so Much for doing this! All of us nerds need to stick together. I hope everyone will check out her awesome Blog @

The Amateur Voice of a Could Be Writer

or stalk her on 



  1. I like how you saw "stalk," like everyone's NOT already doing that on the internet. LOL

    Thanks again Apples! This was fun to do :)


  2. I love that you call me apples!! Its so fun!! :)

  3. @ amateur voice :haha, really funny. enjoyed your answers and I´m the same opinion about breaking down. I´m not happy with the ending.

    @ Awesomesauce book club: its cool, that you do these interviews^^

    would be happy, if you have time and check my blog ^^

  4. Kelsa I loved your interview! You have to be the only other person I know of that has read the white darkness. it's one of my favourite ever books too. I'm checking out your blog now

    Amber, I've had your interview qs email saved in my draft for aaaaaages and now I just saw you're only doing one a week so I'm sad =[ I'm gonna send it to you anyway, I'll finish it now! Can't believe I forgot about it =/ it's been a hectic week.

  5. @ Tenshi: I'm so glad you think that. Its hard to find people who love the books, but don't admit the series isn't perfect. :)

    @ Cait: You love The White Darkenss, too! ZOMG! I love you right now! I can't find anyone who has even heard of that book, let along liked it! :D



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