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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today's Awesome Blogger being Interviewed is coming over from Loving Books

Make sure you head over to her blog, because once she reaches 50 Followers, she is doing an INTERNATIONAL Giveaway!! And she is almost there!!

1. Why do you Blog?
I blog because I like to talk about what moves me. I have another blog, too, about a completely different subject than books, because I just like to write and talk about my passions. What I like, what I don't like. What other people think. It seemed like fun, so I thought I'd join in :)

2.What do you look for in a review?
Honesty, most of all. That may seem a weird answer, but I just want to read what the reviewer's honest opinion is about the book. I don't look for a long analysis of the book that the reviewer read, I'm more looking for a review that lists the pros and cons, what made the book worth while and what didn't. I read for my enjoyment, so I want to know if the book will give me that - that's why I read reviews :)

3. If you had to promote your blog in a tweet (140 characters or less)what would you say?
 I'm horrible at describingor promoting my blog.. 'A twentysomething yearold gal talking about the books she's read - Loving books! My blog about reading and other bookish things :) ' 

4. If you could live in one of your favorite "book worlds" what one you pick?
The Harry Potter world. J.K. Rowling has created an incredible world and she made me want to read again. It's so versatile and timeless. Maybe that way I could finally get rid of my internet addiction..

5. If you were trapped on a desserted island what 5 books would you take with you?
That's cruel! I love the Harry Potter series, so I would take them.. But now I can only take five. Hm. Let me narrow it down to one Potter book: Deathly Hallows. Because everything comes together and you can see the maginificent plots Joanne has written in all 7 books. Then I would take Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver, because I've read it just a little while ago and I was so impressed with this book (if you haven't read it, READ IT!!!!). Then I would take... Pants on Fire or Mad About the Boy by Maggie Alderson, because those books are hilarious. I would take Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater because of her beautiful writing and the awesome story. And finally I would take Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton so I still have Will to swoon over, even though I am trapped and all alone. 

6. IF you had to choose one of the 3 Hallows (from Harry Potter)what would you choose. (the stone, elder wand or cloak) and why

The cloak so I can do whatever I want without being bothered. Just sit somewhere and not worry about anything else but the book I'm reading - except maybe the thought of someone accidentally sitting on top of me because I'm invisible. 

7. What was of your first favorite books? A book that you had to go out and get all the other books too, or one that after that you were drawn to the world of books forever?
I had a favorite book when I was little, but it was Dutch ('Een mysterieuze gast' - can be translated as 'A mysterious guest', but it wasn't published outside The Netherlands). As soon as I got into school and had to read books for my assignments (up to 15 per year), I didn't want to read anymore. There were two book series that brought back my love for reading: The Confessions of Georgia Nicholson by Louise Rennison and Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. Mostly the latter got me hooked on reading again. 

8. If you had to choose a paranormal being to be what would you be? (like a vamp, were, fae, witch, demon etc anything like that)
Oh dear.. Tough one! I wouldn't like to be a vamp. The thought of not dying and everyone around you dying over the years is too much to bare for me. I think I'd like to be a witch. I could do spells and brew potions and live a little longer than Muggles, but still maintain life itself.

9. What book are you most anticipating this year?
Just one? I have an entire list! These are some of my most anticipated books for 2011: Forever by Maggie Stiefvater, A Touch Mortal by Leah Clifford, Haven by Kristi Cook, Entangled by Cat Clarke, The Warlock by Michael Scott, Darke by Angie Sage, Delirium by Lauren Oliver and Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini.
10. If you could meet an any author (alive or dead) who would you want to meet? and what would be the first question you would ask them?
J.K. Rowling because she only rarely does interviews. Also because she brought back my love for reading and my passion to actually write stories myself. Harry Potter is a part of me thanks to her delayed train ride one day. I can't thank her enough for writing the story. I would ask (and cross my fingers that she will actually answer this) if she is planning on writing another series, and if so, what it is about and if not, what she is actually working on. To be honest I think I won't be able to say a word when I'm in her presence, but oh well..

Remember to head on over to Loving Books Blog!!!

Thanks Again for doing this!! Your answers where really FUN!! I hope you had fun with them... 

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