18 and Older Blog Tag Along

Thursday, March 31, 2011


18 and over book blogger tag along is for a specific group of book bloggers. You have to primary review adult books. Yes, I know some of you still read teen and adult, so if you do both your welcome to join in. You can read any genre paranormal, suspense, historical, contemporary or mystery and of course, erotica books. And if you blog has a few extra hot male pictures, well, that’s an added bonus! LOL. So if you have a book blog like this and would like to find others please join in the tag along.

We are small in number, but we do love books and other bloggers. So please if someone follows you and leaves a comment please follow back.

This is a weekly theme so please come back next Friday and join in again if you can. I try to post this on Thursday night around 9:00 pm.

Question of the week: Where is your favorite place to read?
Its cut off but over on the right side there's a nice big comfy chair that I read on. Its funny because when we were picking out a living room set my husband really wanted his own chair and I wanted a love seat and when we got it home I ended up taking it over. I only sit here to read, but its really MY chair. 

OH I am trying to think of a book to giveaway for the 18 and older HOP, I have a few ideas (see pole on left) If you could vote or leave suggestions that would be awesome!


  1. New follower hopping through. Hope you'll visit me at http://redhotbooks.blogspot.com

  2. I am only new (very) to blogging :)


  3. Im an old follower and I answered this question so I have my top 7 places and 2 book reading fantasies just to make it more exciting.

  4. Hello,

    Just stopping by from the 18 & over tag along. Have a great weekend!

    Bookgirl ( My Book Addiction )
    Old Follower

  5. Thanks for stopping by. I gotta say, I love your book collection! I can't see the chair but I'm sure it's comfy.

  6. I would love my own big comfy chair but we don't have enough room for more than a couch and love seat. So, depending on my mood, I will take over one of them and everyone else has to use the other one. ;)

    Happy Friday!

  7. Hi, hon - already a follower, but sharing the Friday love anyway. Keep reading, and have a fabulous weekend! :)

    Sally @ Bibrary Bookslut

  8. Stopping by from the hop. It's funny the chair I sit in was supposed to be for my hubby, but some how I ended up with it. Hmm. Love your blog new follower.

  9. So crazy late with the tag along, but wanted to stop by and say hi. Hope you had a great weekend!



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