Valentines Day Favorite Book Couples

Monday, February 14, 2011
Well it is Valentines Day so I guess I should list some of my FAVORITE book couples

I am going to go with my top 10 most AWESOMESAUCE COUPLES

these will be in no specific order

1. Cat and Bones from Night Huntress series

2. Clare and Shane from Morganville Vampire series

3. Clary and Jace from Mortal Instruments Series

4.Rose and Dimitri from Vampire Academy Series

5. Zsadist and Bella from BDB series

6. Mercy and Adam from Mercy Thompson series

7. Harry and Ginny from Harry Potter series

8. Tessa and Will from Clockwork Angel

9. Megan and Ash from Iron Fey series

10. Clay and Elena The Otherworld series

Holy wow that was hard. When I started I realized how many couples I LOVED did not actually end up together or some it was too soon too tell if they would, so I did not pick any of those.



  1. I just got Halfway to the grave so hopefully! I'll love Cat and Bones as well! Rose and Dimitri FTW! :D From the BDB series I think I like Marissa and Butch better. o.o Dunno why. Though Zsadist and Bella are very cute together. Great Post! ^-^

  2. I was not a big fan of Marissa and Butch. I really loved the first 3 books. Oh and you are Definitely going to fall in love with Cat and Bones I have never met anyone who read this book who did not love it. (please don't prove me

  3. Hey! I LOVE your blog, this post is great too!
    I followed!

  4. Will and Tessa... I love them and I just need to more about them.
    Dimitri and Rose - well I am in love with him!
    Love this post!

  5. Thanks. It was fun trying to think of them all. I am sure I left a lot out.


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