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Wednesday, February 9, 2011
I have seen this on a few blogs so I decided to see what mine were. This is from Goodreads and it is my most read authors!! Its pretty neat to see how many books you've read from each author.

1. LJ Smith= 21
I have read all her books!! She is one of my most favorite authors. I think my favorite series is Secert Circle. But I do love Forbidden Games and Dark Visions almost as much.

2.Kelley Armstrong= 15
Once again, I have read almost every book she has out. Not all though. I have a few I am still trying to get a hold of. I love all her books. Both her adult series and YA are amazing!! She is another one of my favorite authors.

3.Richelle Mead= 13
I have read all her books out! I love all her series. She is brilliant. VA, Succubus and Dark Swan series are all amazing!

4. Charlaine Harris= 11

I love the Sookie books. I don't really watch the show. And I totally hate

5. J.R. Ward= 10
I have read all the BDB series and the Guide to it. My favorite are the first 3 books!!

6. P.C. Cast= 9
The House of Night series is really good. I am hoping they move on a little. THe last few have been dragging a little.

7. Rachel Caine= 9
Just discovered Morganville Vampire series a few months ago and I quickly read them all! I LOVE that series!!!

8. Rachel Vincent= 9
I have read her YA and Adult series. I really enjoyed them both. Her adult series maybe a little more. Even though Faythe bothered me a lot and I love Marc. The love triangle in the last few books drove me crazy.

9. Kim Harrison= 8
I love The Hollow series!! Its awesome. I can not wait to meet her. I thought I read 9 of her books though. Aren't there 9 in the series? I will have to check out if I missed adding one to goodreads.

10. Laurell K. Hamilton= 8
I have read the Merry Gentry series. And whoa what a steamy series these

I am just going to list the rest. No comments right now. Maybe later..

11.Patricia Briggs= 7
12.J.K. Rowling= 7 (hey I read Tales of the Beedle the Bard so thats 8)
13.Nora Roberts= 6
14.Jeaniene Frost= 6
15.Melissa de la Cruz=5
16.Stephenie Meyer= 5
17.Maggie Stiefvater= 4
18.Melissa Marr= 4
19.Jeri Smith-Ready= 4
20.Cassandra Clare= 4
21.Garth Nix= 3
22.Carrie Jones= 3
23.Keri Arthur =3
24.Larissa Ione= 3
25.Suzanne Collins= 3
26Adrian Phoenix= 3
27 Lisa McMann = 3
28.Catherine Fisher=2
29.Elizabeth Knox=2
30.Carolyn MacCullough= 2
31.Jessica Verday= 2
32. Gregory Maguire= 2
33.Carrie Ryan= 2
34.Becca Fitzpatrick= 2


  1. Ooh! Interesting post. :D I want to do the same. But I don't think I have enough books to do so just yet. ^-^ I haven't read anything by L.J.Smith yet. But I can't wait to. :D

  2. I really like LJs ealier books. The ones I mentioned above are my fav. Secret Circle, Forbidden Games and Dark Visions. All are really good reads.

  3. This is great idea...I could do this but it would take some time as my good reads shelf is empty.

    We read most of the same authors minus your top 3. I have never read one of their books.


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