Meeting Book Lovers at Author Events

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
You know when you are going to go to an author signing and you are super excited, and you think hey it would be cool to meet other book bloggers or just people who love the book. So when someone says Hey I will be there you are excited to meet them to have someone to talk to about why you love this author and the books. 

Well speaking from recent personal experience this sometimes is not always the best or wise thing..

So these are some things that happened to me with thinking about meeting a fellow book lover at a signing.

Invited me out to the city to explore with me her and her boyfriend and dad

Asked to split a Hotel room

Asked if I would give her money to get there. 

These are my top 3! I have been getting messages daily now. And I am kinda sad that I didn't get to meet a nice sane person to book talk with. My husband is going with me luckily so I will not be alone.

Just thought I would share this with people. The world is CRAZY!


  1. Whoa. Never encountered that for simple signings at a store. It can be somewhat understandable at conventions, I guess.

    I was planning on going to the signing in Kettering, Ohio where Maria Snyder and a few others will be, I saw that you were going too. Not that I think we need to bunk up in a hotel or anything, but it would be nice to meet another blogger and chat about the books for the authors present.

    I'll be carpooling with my mom since she didn't want me flying out by myself. I'm 23, but I seriously look like I'm a teenager in high school.

    Maybe Ill see you there? :)

  2. Oh of coarse!! haha, I didn't mean to come off like all people are crazy. It was just a weird experience for me with this one. I had to share it. And I promise not to be that crazy girl either. It would be awesome to meet you. I won't let one weird thing ruin it for me.

  3. and with this one, this was my first time ever talking to her. And in one conversation she was already talking shacking up then a day later asking for money. I would have let the other things go and just think she was a little odd but the money thing just blew me away.

  4. Well, people are crazy...and pushy...sheesh!
    I guess the hotel thing gets me...Im sure you're great...but shackin up without meeting... thats weird

  5. thats what I thought. Especially because she wanted me there with 2 men I did not know. And it was our first conversation. Meeting at a signing is fine and I would have LOVED to before all that. Now I am getting constant facebook messages. Its just my luck

  6. Woah does sound a bit crazy =/ I've never been to a book signing before, but Cassie Clare is coming here in Autumn for the release of clockwork prince, so I'm gonna hopefully go to that =]

  7. I hope she comes some where near me when she is touring. It was a little weird. But I still would love to meet fun people at signings.


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