Looking For Bloggers who want to be Interviewed

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
So I was thinking once a week to feature a blogger on my blog. It just seems like fun and good practice for a newbie to interview authors in the future. I could use the practice. I mean if you are an author and want to be interviewed by me then please please keep reading..

If you are like me you hate interviews. I know I do when I go to a job, they always ask the same questions and always make you feel a little uncomfortable. And you are usually bored stiff and give them what they want to hear. And you promote yourself the most professional way you can. Lets just say my interviews will be a tad bit different.lol

If you choose to do this I will send you a bunch of questions, and I will stick mostly to books but will also throw in some just fun ones. And you can choose what you answer. Nothing personal or anything like that. But I do want something a little more on the fun side. So these probably won't be your typical questions. Like I said though you can answer what you want.

Then you can add the info you want out there. Info about you and your blog, anything you want people to know!!

If you are interested please email awesomesaucebooks(at)gmail(dot)com I will send you a list of questions you answer what you want and whatever else you want on your post.(all in the same email) I will tell you when I am posting it. I will post one a week at first come first serve basis.

Your blog must be a book blog and AUTHORS are so Welcomed, it make my year!

also I know my friend at Book Love Blog is also looking for bloggers to be interviewed. So you can also check there.


  1. I'd love to take part in this :) Just e-mail me the questions: fraijikhadija@hotmail.com


  2. This is a cool idea! I'd love to join! buoyread AT gmail DOT com

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  3. Sounds fun! I'm in!

  4. awesome, thanks! I will email you guys sometime today. And just send it back whenever you can.

  5. I emailed you all some questions, I emailed everyone 10 some are the same and a few are different. thanks so much for doing this.

  6. Awesome idea, I'd love to join in the fun! I'm emailing now (well, as soon as this PoS computer acts right!)

  7. Great idea, I would love to participate! My email is bookishlilly@gmail.com.
    Truly Bookish

  8. Awesome Thanks ! i will email you in a little bit.

  9. LOVE LOVE the idea!
    Email me the questions at mf060784@gmail.com.
    I love blogging and hope to be an author so float whatever questions you want at me!

  10. Awesome I will email you in a little bit! I'm so glad so many are interested.

  11. Awesome sauce! I had no idea you were doing this!! I've been so busy lately I haven't had the chance to check your page out!


    I will also email you since that's what you asked haha.

  12. Oh YAY!! I am doing them every few days and I have them all scheduled up to March 4th! I was hoping to get some more. Thanks! If you don't email me I will email you tomorrow with some questions.


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