Kim Harrison Signing Pictures.

Saturday, February 26, 2011
       Some Pictures from the Kim Harrison       Signing in Cincy!

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 This is me with Kim Harrison. (well obviously) It was so MUCH FUN!! I am pretty happy that I was able to go! She was super Awesome. And her books totally ROCK! I love them.

If you happened to watch it live, you may have heard some annoying ass girl coughing her lungs out. Well that was me. And to be fair I was totally trapped or else I would have left but there was no way out without either knocking over the camera or going right up there where Kim was. I haven't seen the video so I have no clue if you could hear me or not.


  1. Well hey there, you lucky girl!:)) I'm glad you had fun and you got your books signed, yay!:) I watched it online (and OMG it was 3 am here!) and don't worry, I didn't hear anything! You looked great and Kim seems such a cool writer! She totally rocks!;)
    Nice pics!

  2. haha! Awesome. I am so sure people there wanted to kick me. I am still sick and I started coughing and I couldn't stop. It sucked. And I was trapped so I couldn't leave. Not a fun moment.

    I wish I could have got people stuff. But I am I am thinking of maybe giving away the badge. My friend on my book club is from the Netherlands and I got her a signed badge. If you ever see me going to an event before and I can get you a bookmark signed or something small that is cheap to mail I will.

  3. Oh, I hope you get well soon!*hugs* I'm kind of broke too, otherwise I would have sent you money for a book, shipping and everything.:)) It's nice of you to think of other people too. :D Oh well... Living in Romania sucks. I'm still waiting for those bookmarks.:)

  4. I have a few book signings planned. If you see any authors you love that I am visiting, if we can't do a book I could always do a bookmark or something. Ohio isn't a big place so I know I am really lucky to have the authors who do come here!!


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