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Wednesday, February 23, 2011
So to participate every week is pretty simple. Every Wednesday **Paranormlly Romanced** will ask a question about something she  is  wondering about and all you have to do is answer and use the Mr. Linky she provides. Now if lets say your not really interested in her questions or are maybe wondering some other bookish things that you want to discuss, then your post can be about what your wondering about this week. Simple?? She wanted to ask an easy question this week to get things started.

So   **Paranormlly Romanced** was just wondering what are the main things that make you love a book?

Well for one the characters and the world they live in. I have to have a good connection to the character to get involved in a book. 
I like my girls to be strong and dependent, Sarcastic sense of humor, they need to be able to be their own person but also know when they need someone. 
A guy character I really do like the bad boys. I need that mystery. I also like them to be nice in their own way but a challenge too.  And not the guy everyone is after. 
Also I need that paranormal or fantasy like world in a book. I don't like just love stories. I need a completely different world with different creatures or just something so far from the normal. 


  1. You said it all, my biggy is sarcastic sense of humor that gets me every time. SK is very good at that.

    As for Warriors of Poseidon they are really good if you don't mind quick reads, they are kind of small but I personally recommend them. I would be interested to see what you think?

  2. I'm with you on what you said aswell! I love a book that can get a discussion going , that can make you feel real emotion because you really relate to the characters and fall in love with them and get swept up by the story! One of the reason's I love the likes of Kelley Armstrong, Jim Butcher, Keri Arthur, Sherrilyn Kenyon and others like them! When the characters are alive in the book because they grow and develope instead of just staying the same!

  3. I am greedy. I need it all. Good characters that I connect to, a clever story and it needs to be written well too.

  4. BLH I will check them out soon. I have a few library books to read first. I don't mind quick reads at all.

    And I agree with all 3 of you. Thanks for stopping by.


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