Fantasy Book Shopping

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I know I have tons and tons of books I want to buy. Like way to freaking many. All books I have read. And lets just say I have a freaking ton. So today just to see how much something like this would cost me I decided to go on amazon and start a shopping cart. I only added books that
I really really liked,
that I have read and not been able to purchase yet.

So there are more books out there I have read and not bought but these are my tops.

I ended up with 42 books In my Shopping cart. I was going to keep going as I kept thinking of more but well I was pressing my luck with the baby napping.

My Grand Total would be $388.29

Darn it, that is a lot of money. I need to find me a money tree.

Anyways I know this is a weird post. But I guess I am not normal. I like to live in a fantasy world where I could buy all these books today. One day I will add up all the rest. I have tons of list hanging around my house of books I need to buy.

Some of the books were

The Otherworld series ( I only have 1)
The Hollow series by Kim Harrison (I have 4)
Merry Gentry series
Mercy Thompson series ( I have 2)
Clockwork Angel

and lots lots more!!


  1. I don't even want to know what my total would be on my limitless-fantasy-book-shopping-spree ;o)


  2. After I did this I thought of like 10 more books I want. Plus I have books I have not read but want. And that total was for only 42 books, I own about 120ish so I am like damn I must have spent a lot on books!!

  3. What I always do is pick the books I want to buy and add them to my amazon cart and my Book Depository cart. You wont believe how much the difference will be between the two. And I'm talking about making the exact same list on both of them. Try it.

  4. That is a really good idea. I am going to give it a try. see which is cheaper.

  5. No, not a wierd post. This sounds just like me! I need a book shelf. Thats my problem. Well, one of my problems. Except that once I finally get one I have so many books, I'll probably need another because yeah, I'm sure I have theat many books. (Sigh)

  6. I did that once, and it almost made me cry because it amounted to a whole month's paycheck!

    Funny post :D

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  7. It is sad. I wish I could just buy them all. It was pretty scary though to think how much I really do spend on books.

  8. I did that once before I found out about goodreads. I did it via and that was my TBR list. The cart never cleared out cut the website remembered me but still my total was around $450 and it made me sad. So its totally not a weird post ive done it!!

  9. haha well I am glad I am not the only one. I really did hold back so I have no idea how bad the total could have got. I really want the books I listed though. Thats what sucks.


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