Deserted Island??

Friday, February 11, 2011
If you were stuck on a deserted island WHAT 5 BOOKS WOULD YOU WANT WITH YOU?

Don't over think it just pick whatever 5 books come to your head first. We all have way more then 5 favorites so don't worry about it, we are just picking for fun.

My Books
1. This Side of the Grave (haven't read it yet but I know I will love it)
2. Paranormalcy
3. Morganville Vampire book 3 and 4. (they have those out now)
4. Clockwork Angel
5. Secret Circle (the 2nd book with The Capive Part 2. Haven't read it in a while, kinda miss it.)

see and these aren't even all in my top favorites. Just some books I wouldn't mind rereading.


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  2. 1. Dragon Prince, by Melanie Rawn
    2. The Ruins of Ambrai, by Melanie Rawn
    3. The Mageborn Traitor, by Melanie Rawn
    4. The Stand, by Stephen King
    5. Foundation, by Isaac Asimov

  3. All Kelley Armstrong!
    1. The Darkest Powers omnibus,
    2. Bitten,
    3. Industrial Magic,
    4. Broken,
    5. No Human's Involved
    Some of my favourites of hers though in real life I'd be finding some way to have them all or at least track down more omnibus's of hers so I could have more of her books!


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