AwesomeSauce Interview with Jamie @ Writers Write, Right

Monday, February 21, 2011

 I am now interviewing some fun bloggers. I am asking them fun questions and just getting to know eachother. If you like the answers please go on over and follow them!!

Today's Blogger Being Interviewed is Jamie @  Writers Write, Right?

1. Why do you Blog? 

Because the voices in my head tell me to? Nah, seriously, I stumbled upon the blogging world by accident several months ago and it opened my eyes to a world where agents and writers and books not yet released were so easily accessible. I couldn't believe it. So I created the blog and have met some really incredible people whose blogs seriously rock (present company included)...I may not be as prolific as other bloggers, but I enjoy doing it.

2.What do you look for in a review?  

Honestly, I don't look for too much in a review. Everything in this world is subjective - art (in its various forms) being perhaps the most subjective - so I try not to dwell on the personal opinions of the reviewer. I look more at that person's ability to recount what the basic premise of the book is and then decide if I like it. It's kind of like the back jacket copy you read when you pick up a book, but coming from a "regular Joe" like us gives it a bit more oomph...well, to me anyway.

3. If you had to promote your blog in a tweet (140 characters or less)what would you say? 

"My blog: Sometimes confusing, always haphazard, mostly entertaining, oft-times enchanting, full of mush but fun!" Yeah it's less than 140. Sue me 
4. If you could live in one of your favorite "book worlds" what one you pick? 

Ooh, good question. Surprisingly, I think I would have to say The Hunger Games world. Not because of the wars and Districts and lack of food or anything, but because I love those books so much.

5. If you could choose a supernatural power what would it be and why? 

Definitely x-ray vision (hehe).

6. Your bookshelf is on fire and you can only save what you can carry what books would that be?

The entire bookshelf, strapped to my back. I can always have back surgery, right?

7. If you could switch places with one character from a book who would it be and why?

Easy, Bella in Twilight (I'm an Edward fanatic).

8. Is there an author you automatically buy there books without even thinking?
You just love them so much that you are sure anything they write you'll like.

Ah, not really. I'm a huge Stephen King fan (who isn't right?) but there are some of his books that I just don't like. I'll scan them in the bookstore, maybe read the first couple pages, then put it back on the shelf. Does that make me a horrible person? Hope not.

9. You're in a bookstore what section do you go to first?

YA/Teen, though I get some odd looks.

10. If you could meet an any author (alive or dead) who would you want to meet? and what would be the first question you would ask them?

How about one of each. Dead: Mary Shelley, and I'd ask "How did you feel after waking up from /that /dream? And Alive: Suzanne Collins, and I'd ask "Will you adopt me?"

Thanks So Much Jamie for doing the interview! It was really fun! I loved your bookshelf answer, I would do try to do that!!!

And do not forget to go check out his blog @ Writers Write, Right?


  1. Hi,

    I hereby would like to give you the 7 fact award.
    Come and check my blog to see how you can securet hos award for you blog


  2. Hey :)

    Jamie is fantastic and I am glad to see someone else spotlighthing him on their blog!!! This interview is too cute- adopted by Suzanne Collins? Imagine what your life would be like. We might have to fight over Edward--although I just want RPatz, don't need Edward. And of course you would choose x-ray vision, Jamie. You dirty bird, you ;) Again, great interview!!!


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