What do you look for in a Review?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What do you look for in a review?

Do you look to see the summary of the book?

A person's thoughts on what made it good or what did not?

A few spoilers?

Someone comparing it their favorite books?

These are just a few ideas, I thought of. But you can add anything you want..

What I look for..

I do not like reading over views of the book. Like I do not want to see what the back of the book said just repeated differently. That can drive me crazy when reading it. I already know pretty much about the story from the book itself. So I like to see why a person liked it. Was it a good romance, action, mystery. And then I would see how they rate it and maybe compare their other ratings to some of my own to see if we have the same taste. I want to know what made them like the book or characters and what did not.


  1. I also do not like a synopsis in the review. I include the blurb for the book (usually copy and pasted from goodreads) on my review post, but no one wants to reread what the book is about again in different words. When I write a review I have a equation that I contains what I look for in reviews. General thought on book + Thoughts on main character + Thoughts on other characters or other parts of series + What I liked the best + What I really didn't care for + Conclusion = Book Review.

  2. I usually like to know a little bit of the story, sorta "what it's about." Spoilers don't bother me at all, as long as they're minor.

    (I hope you don't mind, but I linked to this post from my blog - it was just too good a topic to not join in!)

  3. Not at all. And thanks for joining in. I was curious how people liked their reviews, I see so many done differently.

  4. Mostly I like to see how unique someone's review is. I've seen so many reviewers quote the back of the book and call it good. I don't go for that. I like a different format: Tell me why this book touched you or didn't, tell me abut the charachters develpment and growth, tell me about the world building.
    I don't mind hearing a *soft* synopsis but make it yours and if there's few mild spoilers, that's fine by me. I just want to see that someone read the book and put some thought in the review and how they could get their feelings out to others about how they felt about the book. I do like a systemic process, that's just the type A in me :o] but when it comes to passion for books, it usually shows in reviews.

    But it varies; every reviewer is unique and some reviewers I enjoy because of their style which is often different than anyone elses I've ever seen

    So, that was about as clear as mud. I think most will get the gist. It's not always the formatting but the passion behind the review. When told with passion you usually get all you need to help you decide whether this is the book for you or not :o]


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