Sapphique Review

Tuesday, January 4, 2011
By Catherine Fisher
Review by Amber I

I love these books. This one is just as good as Incarceron. Finn, Jared and Claudia are all trying to figure a way to free the prisoners. Finn still can not remember and he feels horrible about leaving behind his oath brother. And Claudia has mixed emotions about her father being trapped there.

But the queen has no intentions of her step son gladly taking the throne or even letting Claudia. She comes out with lots of twists and evil little plans. Everything she does always has to be picked apart to see what she is trying to accomplish.

Meanwhile back in the prison Attia and Keiro are trying to find their own escape. With rumors about the only prisoner Sapphique to escape they track down a crazy magician who is believed to use Sapphique's magic glove. They think it may be their only hope to escape.

This book was awesome. SO many plot twists so many questions and lots of action. The whole book was nonstop. There was always something crazy going on in the Realm and in Incarceron. Sometimes you are not so sure which one is the prison. They both contain so many lies.


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