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Monday, January 10, 2011
All books that we accept will be reviewed. We are generally fast readers (Read about 3-4 books a week) So they will be read and reviewed as quick as possible. If at any time we feel we are backed up we will let you know before you send the book out an estimated review time. If you have a specific date let us know. More then likely we can work it out.

We are always accepting books for review. Some genres that we love are:

-Paranormal Romance
-Urban Fantasy
-Mystery & Thrillers
-Sci-Fi & Fantasy
-Dark Fantasy. 

ALL ARCS WE RECEIVE TO REVIEW, WE WILL ALSO BUY WHEN THEY COME OUT FOR A GIVEAWAY. We think that is only fair to authors so they do not lose a sale from giving us something. We are not in it for a free book.

Also we would love to Host Giveaways, Give Author Interviews, Guest Blogs and things like that. If you have bookmarks or other swag we will give it away or have it as a prize for Book of the Month books or theme book Challenge.

We will post reviews on our blog. Other places that the reviews will be placed will be on our facebook page, Goodreads, and Amazon.

***We both have kindles!! So we are now accepting books that can be read through KINDLE!***
Still love to actually own the book though! Amber I. has  a bookshelf obsession.

All Reviews will be fair but they will be our opinions.

Please email at
If we accept your book then we will mail you my address..

To see our reviews CLICK HERE

Or to Check out our Facebook Book Club click here AwesomeSauce Book Club

Keep in mind that we are really new and growing. These policy's may change or we might actually word them more professionally. But we doubt it because we like the way we write. Lol.


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