I am now reading Pale Demon By Kim Harrison

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
Pale Demon

I am super excited. I just was approved to download it today from NetGalley and I have been busy reading it!!

I am about half way through! Its really really good!! We are getting a lot of Trent and well he is my favorite. I mean out of all the men we now have to choose from. Well maybe I am more of an Al fan..There has been no sign of Pierce. Hes mentioned but thankfully not there. Maybe I am alone in it but he was my least favorite.

Ceri is about to pop. Rachel is on her way to the West coast to a Coven meeting to clear her name and get unshunned. Trent needs to go to the West coast for some super secret business. And well this is how they all get to become on a road trip together. Quen can not (since Ceri is about to pop) help Trent so he asks Rachel. Both Rachel and Trent can not fly there. Rachel can not get on the plane and Trent's task must be done by car.

Then we begin a fun road trip from hell. With a witch, pixie, vampire and elf. Along the way they are being followed and the followers are trying to kill or stop them.

Its just been action packed and Rachel and Trent together is just fun. Shes attracted to him but she can not stand him!!

Well I will update once I am done!!! :)


  1. Yay! I received an ARC of this one as well via librarything. Kim harrison is one of my favorites! Hope you enjoy!

  2. I love her too. Did you read it yet?
    I am actually going to see her in Feb. in Cincinnati!! Can't wait!!


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