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Monday, January 3, 2011
I am halfway through Sapphique, and so far so good. There is a lot of action and some pretty big twists I did not see coming. I wish I would of reread Incarceron again before reading. While I am not behind or confused it just would have been nice. At first I felt I forgot a lot but now I am okay.

Claudia I feel is a little hard on Finn, or wants to much of him for her own gain. And I feel really bad for Finn it seems hes come out of one prison to the next. Then things at Incarceron seem so crazy. theres a lot there going on and I can not wait to see where it is going.

These are such good books. Like I said I am on page 230 of 480 so just about halfway there. Already so many lifes are at stake and so many surprises have came. If you liked Incarceron (Incarceron, Book 1) then you will sure like this!!



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