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Friday, January 28, 2011

These are AwesomeSauce Book Clubs January Book Marks!! There are regular size and mini ones. I will be giving some of the mini ones with Kelley Armstrongs in January. Each Month I will have a new design...

Keep in mind I had to cut these out, and well they are not all

And for chances to win just comment on here and let me know you are interested and or book club on facebook then get in on some discussions!!


  1. I can always use an extra bookmark. :) For the Jan read of Succubus Blues where did you get your copy? (best price?)
    Thanks. I have been looking forward to reading this series and the book club has just made me commit to it.

  2. I get mine on amazon, its only 7.99. Also since its a paperback if you get 3 more then its free, they have buy 4 for 3 pricing on a lot of their paperbacks. Its a really good book!

  3. Pretty bookmarks! They look great. :D I wish I could get mine printed like that. I can't get enough of bookmarks.

  4. What reader doesn't love a new bookmark!

  5. I will be getting ready to send some out soon. And thanks for taking a look. I have a lot of designs so each month I will print off a new one.


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