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Friday, January 14, 2011
Its January and we have a few books we are reading. We have our theme book and our 2 books of the Month. If you read them and want to post your review or just list the books you've read them Please Do it here or go to the AwesomeSauce Book Club!!!


and technically Crescendo Review

Here is the List for other Months..
Jan.- New Book (to celebrate a new year. must have came out within the last 6 months)
Feb.- Romance (for Valentines Day)
March- Fairy Book (Fairy reminds me of Irish, hard to explain)
April- Childrens Book or Young Adult (International Children's Book Day is April 2)
May- A book with a flower on the cover (April showers bring May Flowers)
June- A book with Witches or Wizards or someone who does magic (June 12th is Magic Day)
July- Vampire Book (July 22 is Mosquito Day and well they suck blood)
Aug.- Friend Pick (friendship day is this month)
Sep.-Banned Book (banned book week is in Sep)
Oct.- Horror Book (for Halloween)
Nov.- Fav Author (National Author Day is this month)
Dec.- Werewolf book (snow reminds me of werewolfs)

And Don't forget the Books of the Month Either!! Adult Halfway to the Grave and YA Incarceron. Discuss here or at AwesomeSauce Book Club!!!


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