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Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Hey my name is Amber, and I love love love READING!!

I read about 3-4 a week.

Some of my favorite genres are Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy and YA.

I am a new blogger and have recently just kept up on reviews, as of MID DEC. 2010.

This is the AwesomeSauce Book Club a place to talk books and have fun. You will not find anything serious or formal. I want a group of readers who love reading and want to talk about it. I care more of quality followers then quanity.

Do not get me wrong even though this is a place for fun when reviewing books, I give it my all. And if it is a book I like I post it everywhere. I am all about getting people to read and I know you have to hook them with the right book!!

To see my reviews CLICK HERE

Or to Check out my Book Club click here AwesomeSauce Book Club

Click Here for my REVIEW Policy

And if you want to contact me email me at awesomesaucebooks(at)gmail(dot)com

also I would love to do interviews, Host Giveaways, Guest Posts anything like that.


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