Ballad: A Gathering of Faerie

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ballad: A Gathering of Faerie (Books of Faerie #2)
by Maggie Stiefvater
Paperback, 352 pages
Published October 1st 2009 by Flux
Review by Amber I

This is James side of the story after the summer is over. James and Dee are attending Thornking Ash a school for musically gifted. James is still hurt over Dee being in love with Luke so their relationship isn't the best. He finds out that the past isn't the past and that the Fairies are still around. A fairy named Nuala starts following James around trying to make a deal with him. But James is too smart to trust a fairy. Then as time goes on the relationship between him and Nuala changes. He still hasn't made a deal with her and she no longer wants to. Even though she needs the deal to stay alive she doesn't want to hurt him. To make a deal with her will cost him something great.
James also finds out that this school isn't just for the musically talented. The teachers themselves seem to know about the fairies.

Lament: The Faerie Queen's Deception

Dee is harpist and an amazing one! One day before a competition she meets a boy names Luke. Even though she knows there is something just not right about him, she decides to just leave it alone. She loves the way she is with him and that's okay with her. She soon discovers her world just isn't ordinary and that she has special gifts of her own. She also finds out her new boyfriend is a Fairy and there is a whole world of them and they are drawn to her and the Queen wants her dead. Luke was sent there to kill her, but then something happens and he can't do it! That puts his life in jeopardy along with anyone close to Dee. The Queen will stop at nothing to get to her so Dee must face her and save the people she loves... But can she do it in time?


Captivate (Need #2)
by Carrie Jones
Hardcover, 273 pages
Published January 5th 2010 by Bloomsbury USA
Review by Amber I

This book takes place right after Need did. Zara and Nick are so in love now. But there are pixies all over coming to their town. They are trying to find them all and trap them. Then a new Pixie King comes to town and he has his eyes set on making Zara his queen. He seems nice though and not like the other Pixies. He keeps popping up in her life and even saves her life. He doesn't try to force her to be with him though. He says he will only kiss her if she asks. Zara thinks she is pretty safe then. But when the Pixies they trapped break free and Nick is taken and her only chance to help rescue him is to turn into a Pixie, will she ask?

Hush Hush

Friday, January 22, 2010

Nora Gray lost her father, he was murdered while shopping for her mother. Her mother now works a lot and his gone at least one week a month which leaves Nora alone in their old farm house. Her life is pretty normal though. Except one day her Biology teacher decides to change the seating chart and she winds up sitting next to Patch the mysterious new kid.

Nora isn't thrilled she'd rather be sitting back with her best friend Vee. Patch isn't very cooperative either in their projects together. But the ends up being the least of her worries. Now that she knows Patch she ends up seeing him everywhere. She thinks he might be following her. All these crazy things start to happen. She is attacked while driving by a man in a mask and totals her car except when she goes to show someone its suddenly fixed. Someone breaks into her house and trashes it but when the police arrive its in perfect condition. She thinks she might be losing her mind. Everything is warning her away from Patch. But she is drawn to him. Her best friend the new school psychiatrist even tells her he is bad news. Vee even thinks he attacked her. But Nora still wants to say its the nice guy she met that may be doing this.

Even though she is falling for Patch she doesn't trust him at all. She is always on her guard with him even when he being irresistible. In the end though you find out who and what he is and why is there? Then you either you trust him or you don't!!

Zara just lost her Dad well step Dad actually. She has kinda checked out since. She can't seem to get her life back together again. Her mom being so worried about her sends her to live with her Grandma in Maine. This mysterious and frightening guy keeps appearing in Zara's life. She thinks it is a figment of her imagination. But soon finds out he's not.

As soon as she arrives in Maine the guy is there too. And so is a the beginning of a horrible crime that happened before many many years ago. Boys from the town keep going missing.

She makes some new friends and together they start trying to solve the appearance of this creepy guy. When they figure out who and what he is Zara thinks maybe her new friends are crazy. They tell her they believe he is a Pixie. Not a tinker belle happy go lucky Pixie but a deadly not to joke around about Pixie. And they think he is the reason these boys are going missing.

Together they try to figure out why he is there and what he wants. They know he wants a Queen and they think he wants Zara. Then Zara discovers many many secrets of her parents past and she decides she has to end this. More boys are missing and she can't let this happen. Together with her friends and Grandma they decide to take him down once and for all!

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