December 26 - 5 Hopes for YA in 2011

Sunday, December 26, 2010
1. Adrian gets a happy ending

2. Less love triangles. I'm sick of one girl getting 2 awesome guys and 1 guy getting hurt in the end. Or girl having 1 good guy and one asshat and not seeing it in each of them.

3. Something new and amazing will be added. Something more then boy saves girl, girl loves boy and stuff like that. No more typical I can call it endings.

4. Even if its a series, having each book stand there own, no more filler books with nothing much happening.

5. Maybe more heroine girls. Less damsle in distress more girl kicks ass and saves the day. Less girl in love with a guy before she knows them and more guy wants girl first.

This was a little hard. Not sure really what was expected..


  1. I totally agree with your number one. Good list.

  2. Adrian from vampire academy? ZOMG YES. gahhh i hate the way rose acted at the end. -_-

  3. yes from VA. I just loved him and was so sad how things ended for him. I am so glad he yelled at her and let her know it wasn't okay what she did.

  4. good list of hopes. I've seen the more stand alones alot, even made our list.


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