Friday, January 22, 2010

Zara just lost her Dad well step Dad actually. She has kinda checked out since. She can't seem to get her life back together again. Her mom being so worried about her sends her to live with her Grandma in Maine. This mysterious and frightening guy keeps appearing in Zara's life. She thinks it is a figment of her imagination. But soon finds out he's not.

As soon as she arrives in Maine the guy is there too. And so is a the beginning of a horrible crime that happened before many many years ago. Boys from the town keep going missing.

She makes some new friends and together they start trying to solve the appearance of this creepy guy. When they figure out who and what he is Zara thinks maybe her new friends are crazy. They tell her they believe he is a Pixie. Not a tinker belle happy go lucky Pixie but a deadly not to joke around about Pixie. And they think he is the reason these boys are going missing.

Together they try to figure out why he is there and what he wants. They know he wants a Queen and they think he wants Zara. Then Zara discovers many many secrets of her parents past and she decides she has to end this. More boys are missing and she can't let this happen. Together with her friends and Grandma they decide to take him down once and for all!


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