The Forest of Hands and Teeth

Sunday, December 13, 2009

If you are looking for a story with a happy ending all lose ends tied up everyone with the one they love, well it's not going to happen here.. But that doesn't mean it's not a story worth reading.
If you ever seen The Village, this is kind of how this is.Except the monsters in the forest are real. Real and hungry for the humans.The Sisterhood who is in charge are not what they seem! Once the breach comes everyone has to fight for survival. Mary has to choose between the one she is suppose to marry or his brother who she loves and he is also suppose to marry her best friend. They are told they are the only surviving village and now it is down to 6 of them with no where to go and no answers.They go down the forbidden path in hope to find outsiders. Mary seen the one outsider who came in the village through here she knows the sisters sacrificed her to the forest so no one would know about life outside the village. Now Mary is determined to lead them to the Ocean..
In this book not many survive. The people who love one another can not be together.Though they do get some beautiful moments. You will watch as Mary loses ones she loves, finds herself in the sisterhood, finds herself having to married to someone she doesn't love. She longs for the one she loves and loves her. She discovers dark secrets,, You will not be able to turn this down.


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