The Hollow

Monday, November 30, 2009

I loved this book. It had everything you could want. From tragedy and mystery humor and a good love story. I couldn't put it down! I finished within the day even with 3 kids to take care of. I was so enchanted with this book, I had to find out what happens next.

The summary:

Abbey is in high school. Her best and only friend goes missing. The police assume she fell into the river and her body will soon turn up. Abbey is obviously devastated. She just can't figure out why Kristen went there in the first place. They made a pact to never go there alone. At Kristens funeral (which there is no body) Abbey sees this mysterious boy looking at her. She ignores it but later encounters him at Kristens house. They talk but she can't really figure out how he knows Kristen let alone her. They meet again but it is always so mysterious. He has no phone no email no nothing that she can reach him. They always meet under the bridge or at the cemetery. Which the cemetery is Abbeys favorite place. But there is just this crazy mystery about him. He hardly ever touches her even though you can tell he wants to. And he always has to leave somewhere but she never knows where. In the last couple pages his mysteries come to light and leaving you wanting more!!

This is just a really light overview. Not only will you get a good book from it also you get to know more about Sleepy Hollow where it takes place and Washington Irving.

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