The Forest of Hands and Teeth

Sunday, December 13, 2009

If you are looking for a story with a happy ending all lose ends tied up everyone with the one they love, well it's not going to happen here.. But that doesn't mean it's not a story worth reading.
If you ever seen The Village, this is kind of how this is.Except the monsters in the forest are real. Real and hungry for the humans.The Sisterhood who is in charge are not what they seem! Once the breach comes everyone has to fight for survival. Mary has to choose between the one she is suppose to marry or his brother who she loves and he is also suppose to marry her best friend. They are told they are the only surviving village and now it is down to 6 of them with no where to go and no answers.They go down the forbidden path in hope to find outsiders. Mary seen the one outsider who came in the village through here she knows the sisters sacrificed her to the forest so no one would know about life outside the village. Now Mary is determined to lead them to the Ocean..
In this book not many survive. The people who love one another can not be together.Though they do get some beautiful moments. You will watch as Mary loses ones she loves, finds herself in the sisterhood, finds herself having to married to someone she doesn't love. She longs for the one she loves and loves her. She discovers dark secrets,, You will not be able to turn this down.

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This story is based in the future when the government takes over. They have made 13 districts except that District 13 got out of line and the Capital eliminates it and the people who live there. Each district also has a purpose to serve the Capital. There is no communicating out of your District either. Each one is surrounded by an electric fence. The Districts to are very poor. Most don't even have water or electricity.

The book is told around Katniss who is from District 12 the Coal Mining District. She is 17 and the caretaker of her mother and sister. Her father died a while ago and her mother was unable to take care of them. If not for Katniss they would have died. Her and her best friend Gale even go out of boundaries. There is a hole in the fence that they can get into and hunt in the woods and pick anything edible to eat. They even are able to sell some of it on the black market for profit. They help eachother since both are taking care of their families. His father too died, he has lots of brothers and sisters and a mom to take care of. He is also almost 18 then he has to work in the Coal Mine where both fathers died at.

The Capital likes them all to fear them so every year they make the children from each District from ages 12 to 18 put their names in for the Hunger Games. They then pick a boy and girl from each District to compete. You can volunteer for this also. The kids who are poor most likely have their name in more times. If you want you can enter your name in more than once for each member of your family and they will give you grains and water. Like Katniss every year she will enter her name 3 times and every year it carries over. So now that she is in her 5th year of participating her name is in there 15 times.

This year is her sisters first year of being entered although Katniss will not let her sister enter her name more than once! Because most who go into The Game never come back. The Hunger Games takes the one boy and girl from the District and forces them to the arena which is different every year and they have to kill or be killed. Because it does not stop until there is only person left! This person is rewarded too. Some of the other Districts take this as an honor and go in there to slaughter and win. It is all taped and live and every District must watch even the childrens parents.

This year the name they call is Katniss sister. But Katniss refuses for her to go and takes her place. The other contestant is Peeta a boy that saved Katniss from starving to death. Now they have to go in there and kill one another. The only thing is they refuse. But she can't tell if he is just playing that he loves her for the media or if he really does. The more the media likes you the more sponsors you get and the more help with food and supplies.

Though they are friends, only one can get out!! This book really makes you think and you never know what will happen. In the Arena there are always surprises and The Capital makes the rules as they go along.

It is a fight to survive, and you just don't know how any of them will make it out!!!

Secret Circle by LJ Smith

Monday, November 30, 2009

I loved this book. It was amazing. It is about a girl named Cassie from California. She lives there with her mom. Her dad ran out on them although her mom only tells Cassie this to everyone else she says he died. Her mom takes her on vacation to Cape Cod which is near her mothers home place. While laying on the beach with her snobby neighbor Cassie is anxiously waiting to go home. Then she meets this boy. And the weirdest thing happens as they are standing there this sort of electricity goes between them and she swears she sees a silver cord connecting them. When he leaves he leaves her with this stone. When she returns to their vacation home her mom tells her they will not be returning to Cali but to her hometown to help take care of her grandmother in New Salem. This is where Cassie starts learning all her mothers well kept secrets and gets involved with the kids on Crowhaven Rd. that everyone in school seem to fear. She is not welcomed by all though. She lives on the their street but some feel she's an outsider well at least half outsider. She still longs for the boy on the beach but when she does find him again there is a serious complication and she almost loses everything trying to keep away from him. Then all the kids from Crowhaven start facing horrible things that only they can fix. People start dying the group starts fighting they all have to choose sides. And they all discover things from their parents past they leave them speechless. And a ghost from the past does come and haunt them but not in the person under a sheet sense. In this book Cassie goes from a girl with no friends and shy to the leader of the group!!

Dreamhunter and Dreamquake By Elizabeth Knox

At first when I started reading this book, I didn't think it was going to be for me. It is set back in the early 1900's and they talk like that too. Plus at first I was a little confused. But I sucked it up and kept going and I am really glad I did. It was amazing. And such a neat concept too. I just can't even imagine where she came up with it..

Well as I said before its in the early 1900's and it is based on this small family. Actually 2 families but you really think of them as one especially since they all live together. At one point Lauras father Tziga was on a horse carriage and suddenly fell off and was in another place. He actually discovered This Place where you can catch dreams and then project them to other sleeping people around you, like a movie. He became the best dream catcher there was. He caught the rarest dreams no one else could find. You were pretty much guaranteed to be rich if you could make into "The Place". Every year many would try but only a few could actually get in. And out of those few only a smaller number could actually catch and project dreams.

Laura's father ends up disappearing mysteriously and under strange circumstances. They feel the government has did something. Laura and her cousin Rose Try to see if they will go into The Place but only Laura gets in. Laura lives with her Aunt and Uncle and cousin Rose. Her mom died when she was young. And her Aunt is a famous dreamhunter also. Once in The Place Laura starts discovering all sorts of odd things. She doesn't catch dreams other people catch even those she is sleeping right next to. She also discovers a family secret which helps her in finding her dad and unlocking The Places secrets.

The Place isn't really all that it seems and no one can figure out how or when it got there. But in the end Laura does. It almost kills her doing it. She almost loses everyone she loves. She even almost loses her mind and her freedom. There is just so much that takes place between these 2 books and it will keep you wanting more and more!!

The Hollow

I loved this book. It had everything you could want. From tragedy and mystery humor and a good love story. I couldn't put it down! I finished within the day even with 3 kids to take care of. I was so enchanted with this book, I had to find out what happens next.

The summary:

Abbey is in high school. Her best and only friend goes missing. The police assume she fell into the river and her body will soon turn up. Abbey is obviously devastated. She just can't figure out why Kristen went there in the first place. They made a pact to never go there alone. At Kristens funeral (which there is no body) Abbey sees this mysterious boy looking at her. She ignores it but later encounters him at Kristens house. They talk but she can't really figure out how he knows Kristen let alone her. They meet again but it is always so mysterious. He has no phone no email no nothing that she can reach him. They always meet under the bridge or at the cemetery. Which the cemetery is Abbeys favorite place. But there is just this crazy mystery about him. He hardly ever touches her even though you can tell he wants to. And he always has to leave somewhere but she never knows where. In the last couple pages his mysteries come to light and leaving you wanting more!!

This is just a really light overview. Not only will you get a good book from it also you get to know more about Sleepy Hollow where it takes place and Washington Irving.

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